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From Chad K

Dear Internet Marketer,

Do you have an affiliate site, adsense business, or your own product or service that you just can't seem to get off the ground because of lack of traffic?

Are you filled with frustration after trying method after method to get traffic to your site... one after the other failing you? Maybe you've tried a lot of hyped up methods: bum marketing, social bookmarking, articles, directory submissions, pay per click, email marketing, etc... and just not seen any results?

After trying all this stuff, part of you you probably feels like giving up. Maybe you wonder if this "Internet Marketing Lifestyle" is even real, or just a bunch of lies?

Well, by the time you finish reading this page, you will feel incredibly relieved to finally know a long term, easy to implement traffic system that actually works. In a few short weeks you can generate the cash you need to live your dreams.
  • Feel satisfaction and pride from an online business that packs your mailbox with affiliate checks, product sales, and MONEY in the bank.
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A Unique (i.e. strange) Traffic Generation Method

Since March 3, 2006 (almost 3 years) I've been using a completely unknown and unique method of generating traffic to my websites. It involves a long forgotten source of niche content (forgotten back in the mid 90s) combined with some SEO wizardry, interlinking, and a site structure called "siloing".

In the past 3 years I've never seen anyone else use this particular combination of traffic generation methods.

Once you add it to your site, it adds 7,500 visitors to your site after a few weeks. Then, the traffic increases exponentially, adding 2,500 additional visitors to your site per month, every month. (See diagram at top of page) After 6-12 months, expect 20,000 free visitors to your site every month.

These sort of things are rare on the Internet these days because so many "SEO loopholes" have already been discovered and overused.

Then, 2 "Gurus" (Ed Dale and Dan Raine)
Started Teaching A Similar Concept

I should have been getting nervous, they have a huge following. They were the only folks who I've seen come close to creating this type of system. Ed Dale and Dan Raine taught a similar concept in their coaching program, and it worked like gangbusters for them in the past 12 months.

But what I'm about to teach you is even different from what they are doing. It is unknown to most Internet marketers. In fact, even if the truth gets out about this method it won't matter. There is so much untapped potential in this that there is enough room for all of us to benefit.

Here is just some of what you will learn from my video course:
  • A loophole from 1992 that keeps google from indexing my secret free content sources. This means google will see your site as a constant source of brand new, unique content. (By the way, this means CASH in the bank!)
  • How to get passionate writers within any niche to write daily content for you for free (they will even post it to your site themselves!)
  • How To Create Cash Generating Silo Sites in Wordpress (wordpress will only make effective silos if you follow my techniques)
  • 23 Silo Themes to apply to your Wordpress blog (we developed them for automatic silo generation)
  • A single technique that brought me at least $15,000 of additional income in 2009, and how to apply it to your website/blog/silo pages.
  • Full Instructional DVD mailed to your house (no shipping fee). Instant online access also.
  • Adsense folks: my system will show you how to make a KILLING with your current sites.
  • Five things you must do (in conjunction with my traffic system) to cause google to index and rank every page on your site.
  • Why google is going to MURDER automatically generated blogs in the next 6 months, and how to use my system to revive them.
  • How to get between 20 and 150 new prospect emails per day from my system.
  • How to get other people to do your traffic generation work (without them realizing it)
  • The method that two internet millionaires used to generate their website visitors.
  • Gain massive free google traffic WITHOUT using ppc, articles, RSS feeds, link partners, ezinearticles, or squidoo.
  • How to increase your PageRank without adding any incoming links.
  • 2 ways to identify keywords that guarantee first page position (and money in your pocket!)
  • 4 Pieces of software to automatically boost the ranking of your blog (or any website, for that matter)
  • For newbies: How to set up traffic generators without owning your own site.
  • How to get instant pagerank and backlinks to an existing site, skyrocketing your traffic.
  • Get free traffic that is costing others $1 or more per click!
  • Completely replace your adwords traffic with free traffic, increasing your profits dramatically.
  • And much, much more...
Skeptical of The System? Watch This:
How The System Works

This traffic cash system shows you how to set up a special type of content network (based on a blog system) that is a literal TRAFFIC magnet. It utilizes a proprietary method that I've developed that I guarantee you've never seen before. It runs on complete autopilot and does not use RSS feeds, scraped and spammy content, ghostwriters, spun articles, article directories, or anything like it.

Instead, the system relies on a little known, untapped area of the Internet that provides an endless source of free content. The content is written by enthusiasts in every imaginable niche. And the best part? GOOGLE has NEVER seen this content. (it is inaccessible to the google spider)

That means you get FREE mini-articles
for any niche, written day after day, for free.

Are you beginning to see how powerful this is? Google will see this content as completely unique, quality content coming from you and you alone.

This source of content has existed for many years. I've never met an internet marketer who utilizes it. No one else knows about the system that I've developed to capitalize on it.

Just think about it: 100% unique content, written by passionate members of your niche themselves!

Combined with the advanced techniques in my course you can add thousands of visitors to your websites very quickly.

When you see where we get this free content you will be amazed. It has been sitting right under your nose almost every time you go on the internet.

It Is So Easy To Set Up,
Even a Complete Newbie Could Do It

All you need is a website, an internet browser, and some software that is freely downloadable from the Internet. My video course shows you every step of the way.
Heck, even if you don't have a website, we show you some alternate methods that allow you to apply this method to affiliate links and other sites not owned by you.

There Is One Requirement For Using My System

I know earlier I said "There is so much untapped potential in this that there is probably enough room for all of us."

However, I do require this: don't reveal the secret content source to others, unless they have purchased this course. It is so simple and easy to implement, I want to make sure it isn't revealed to the general internet marketing community outside of the purchasers of this course. At least for a little while, lets just keep this between you and me. You've paid your dues, enjoy the fruit of your labors!

Access The Entire System Immediately
With My Personal 60 day Money Back Guarantee
(Imagine: 7,500-10,000 Visitors and Zero Risk!)

I'm absolutely confident that if you had my "Traffic System Videos" at your disposal right now, you'd readily agree the techniques I teach will make you far more cash than the measly $147 price tag.

And that's why I'm willing to let you have access to the entire program for 60 days at Zero Risk. This way, you can see for yourself how effective these strategies really are.

Try each and every technique I outline for you for an entire 60 days.

If you're overjoyed like I know you will be, the course is yours. With nothing more to pay ever.

However, if you're not absolutely in love with this "Traffic System" Cash Kit, simply send me an email before the 60 days is up and I will Refund your Entire Purchase.

I realize I'm going out on a huge limb here. And yes, there are probably people out there who will take advantage of me and use this generous offer as a way to just get my "Traffic System" Cash Course for 60 days for free.

But that's a risk I'm willing to take because I KNOW these "Traffic System" Secrets will change your life.

And I trust you. Your word is gold here.

However, there is a catch. The truth is, I've never offered this complete "Traffic System" Training Kit Plus DVD before. And because I'm a little new at it, I don't know how long I'll keep offering this.

Frankly, I'm a little worried that too many people will take the trial and that I'll be overwhelmed with orders and unable to provide the high level of personalized service my customers deserve. If this happens, the price will go on hold while I watch the dust settle.

So I'm only making this available for a little while. In fact, I might even take the offer down BEFORE midnight tomorrow if I get too many "takers".

So if you're serious about getting free traffic and quick cash from Google, click the link below and take my risk free trial today.


Watched the first few videos so far and have so many ideas and uses for this new found knowledge already!

These are great videos that will turn any blogging atte

mpts successful. Can't wait to get started properly and found a few sources of 'secret' content already. I'm so excited :-)

Helen Doherty


Chad, you really think outside the box and this shows it.

I plan to implement this immediately. This should really boost the traffic to my smaller sites.

Adam Jackson


I just watched vid#1 and once again am amazed at what the internet offers - when you know about it... as Chad does.

Thanks man.

Gary Harvey


I've watched ALL the videos, and I have to say, I am really impressed.

The difference is that you will have real fresh content rather than a splog, meaning you are building something that is likely to last - and not get destroyed by Google's next slapfest.

Great information - and the videos are very well done - nice to be able to actually understand and hear the audio.

Well worth the money!!

Melody Wigdahl


Hi Chad,

I have become an avid follower of your work. For anybody uncertain about this, I can assure you it really is a great deal and chad is a helpful guy full of great ideas.

Habby Dhillon



What can i say...freakin' AWESOME!!!

Man you just never fail to deliver; great stuff that is just so relevant and so doable and so effective...now quit selling it please 'cos i want it all for myself!!!

Seriously, i'm setting up 3 niche blogs today and just can't believe the content on this presentation.

Thanks man.

Michael McKay


This is good...How do you come up with this stuff?

I purchased yeseterday and am on vid 3 and I am really impressed. Your stuff is certainly not the same old same old...will be putting it to use today

Mark Dickenson


Chad, this is AWESOME!

Excellent videos, concept and instruction.

You the man

Alex Shelton



Great videos, way under-priced. They are very thorough. I especially like the step-by-step technical stuff for those who are not tech savvy.

I'd heard of some of this before but never in the way you show it.

Definitely several great ways to get fresh content that the SE's will love. And more content means more visitors! I'm looking forward to putting it into action. BTW, loved the bonus!

Cynthia Alexander


Chad after buying your domain tweak system WSO, I quickly realized that you provide tremendous value for the price of your products.

I now realize that using it with this product would allow me to get almost all the traffic I want.

Once again you over deliver, I've already watch several videos and totally believe in this low cost method of driving traffic with minimal time involved.

J Bode

hidden dragon III

It all looks very exciting! I've spent the day reading SEO Mindset which goes into a lot of tech stuff which seems to be more than complemented by your program.

Certainly setting up websites like this is the way to - and you seem to have found the answer to getting going really fast.

I'm off to the next lesson now.

all the best

Adam Jackson
HyperActive Warrior

Awesome job Chad. I use some of these techniques; but you take it to another level.

This is powerful stuff folks. If you have keywords you want ranked high...this is the way to go.

HyperActive Warrior

This is a very good product. I don't tend to value many SEO products but this is very high class and practical. Not a lot else I can say really. If you're into SEO, this could be the most advanced "short course" you buy.


Active Warrior

Wow, my second Chad Kimball product this week!

Very solid information that is well presented. If you have any website or blog, this information with a little bit of work could bring you serious FREE traffic. ...really speeds up a process that normally takes many weeks or even months to achieve.

Quick Cash Master

all I can say is "AWESOME"!

I didn't know that such a system exist and I don't think a lot of people know about this.

And I believe you can really set it up in 7 Days or less following the step-by-step videos inside.

I highly recommend...

Thanks Chad!

Copywriter & Ghostwriter

Chad, you really are an original thinker outside of the box, fortunately, you are able to explain your ideas well, with good "maps."

as others have said, this is clearly a brilliant idea. i had heard of such a method, but had not a clue how to apply the concept -- until now. btw, the person i heard about who was using something like this makes 6 figures.

like most things, it will take focus, determination and work... but this a truly innovative approach with affordable, easy to use methods... so everything is handled except doing and working the system.

so, thank you very much... keep your brainstorms coming!

much success, david
You method is one I've been using for a while now. It's simple, effective, easy to understand and is a breeze to implement.

But most people don't know about this method... and if they do, they usually think it's *too* simple and don't implement it!

Most people look at methods like this and think "well, what's next?".

The thing is: There is *NO* next... that's how simple the process is!

This method will work as long as people put the work in - taking approx 5 minutes per submission I reckon.

I trust Warriors will jump aboard your WSO and benefit from it starting today.

Good luck,

David Cavanagh

Warrior Member

Hi Chad,

Just purchased this video course and watched the first video. What a quick, simple but genious method! Can't wait to see the rest and get started! Was just about to buy something else of 200+ pages of linking techniques etc. that probably works too but probably takes hughe amounts of work and time. Can't believe I stumbled upon this just the second before. Saved me quite some work, time and money.....

Active Warrior

I have found the technique to be extremely quick, extremely effective and long lasting so far!
Like anything you have to put a bit of thought into targeting the right combination of 'factors', this is all explained clearly in the videos. I have seen good results and the odd 'miss' but you get that, the good results have resulted in targeted traffic and sales so I am more than happy!
I'm sure Chad will tell you his rankings have held their position too...
What I liked about chad's videos is that you are given a complete method to follow and it has possibilities for all sorts of situations whether you are wanting to drive traffic to affiliate links, landing pages, your own websites etc.

I absolutely have achieved 1st page results that have stayed for weeks now and are resulting in sales!
I have used PPC, articles etc etc in the past but have never had such fast results as now that I am using this technique...
I am focusing on ultimately driving the traffic to my own blog so I can get as much exposure there and I'm starting to see my own blog pages following along in the rankings which is awesome..
I think the more you use this once you get started your creative marketing mind will just explode with extra things you can do, particularily if you have your own blogs/review sites already. Andy if you don't I suggest you set some up and start using this method to get instant exposure!

If you can follow instructions and do a bit of detective work as instructed then you will surely have success with this...



Active Warrior

I've just finished watching all the video's in your course what a brilliant method I had considered learning to use Adwords for PPC campaigns but I think this is probably cheaper to follow. Actually it is a very flexible tool to have in your toolbox to use in addition (or as a main method) in driving traffic to landing page, blog etc...
Many thanks Chad.


Chris Hunter
Advanced Warrior

Folks, this works. Plain and simple.

I watched ALL of the videos (watch them all) and then went to work with the knowledge given in the videos.

I'm on page #2 in Google for a 2 word keyphrase without quotes (over1900 searches per month) and on page #1 for the same keyphrase withquotes (over 720 searches per month).

And I got these positions within 24 hours.

No, I haven't made any money yet, but as you can see, I now know what to do and know how to get there. The money will come.

Chad provides excellent support and ideas for all of the products thatI've bought from him and he's on my very short list of "must-have" WSO sellers.

Check it out, give it a try with full confidence that Chad will honor his guarantee. You've got nothing to lose.