Youtube’s Thumbnail Formula

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The video below talks about my “up and coming” course, but it is NOW released.
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Click Here for Chad Kimball’s
YouTube Cash System

If you have not checked out my full course on dominating
the Youtube for Massive Profits, click above to read all about it


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  1. Excellent, will definitely try this.

    Rich in Shelby County at 11:20 am
  2. I try this with my twitter commando video promotions

    That’s very Great, so thanks for sharing this tips.


    The marketing tweets guy at 11:59 am
  3. Looks fantastic and all makes fantastic sense, I look forward to the offer and thanks for the free training, awesome stuff!

    John Robbins at 12:05 pm
  4. You guys are nasty :o) Can’t wait to try it.

    barb at 1:28 pm
  5. That is a terrific idea. I have been dividing the length of the video by two and put the picture I want as a thumbnail in at that point and then again I divide each half by two and insert the picture I want as a thumbnail in at that point. About half the times I get it right. I am sure your system will be more consistant.

    What do you do about the last one third of your video which is the picture you want as a thumbnail? Do you add some script that overlays the picture? I make videos that are about three minutes long. It would look funny having the last minute of the video being a still picture.

    Gar May
    Vacationing at a Samoa Resort

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: Depending on how good you are with editing, you can still speak during that part of the video containing the screenshot. Or you could just insert music or whatever. But the reality is, if they’ve watched your entire video up to that point, they’ve already got your call to action and they know what to do, so if they stop watching at that point it doesn’t matter.

    Gar May- Samoa Resort at 1:48 pm
  6. You are the brains. I love your videos even though not in your experience level, nor apparently with your training. Maybe in the next few years I’ll be able to keep up.

    Diana Dietz at 2:12 pm
  7. Okay, you are the man!

    Elon Bomani

    Secret Big Ticket at 2:36 pm
  8. This totally ROCKS! And your timing is impeccable! I was just wondering (literally moments ago) how to increase the viewing for a new video I’m creating! I can’t wait to try this and I look forward to taking advantage of your early bird special. Thank you soooo much for this!

    Shelia Norling at 8:03 pm
  9. Boy, was I over-complicating this process! Your method is a helluva lot easier and definitely more foolproof.

    Thanks and look forward to the offer tomorrow.

    Matthew at 9:15 pm
  10. You guys never cease to amaze me! I am going to try your thumbnail method. Your YouTube cash videos are comming out at the right time. I’m making a few videos and certainly want as many views as possible. I like the fact that you will be showing how to send traffic to another site. That’s cool!

    Chuck Smith at 9:40 pm
  11. Chad & Seth,

    Great content once again…always looking to give more than you “take” a nice lesson for any marketer to take home with them.


    Rob at 2:30 am
  12. Thanks for sharing another helpful tip. Great information as usual


    Harry - MLM Sponsoring at 5:30 am
  13. Hi Chad & Seth,

    I trust that you Chad are having a great time with your family in Wyoming.

    My partner (business & life) Dawn Pugh just bought your YouTube Cash Secrets Course.

    It link can be found below and I am not an affiliate so I wont get paid but so what, its great karma.

    She did not need much encouragement as we both shared what we learned learned in your Google Cash Maps Course with tremendous success.

    In the city of Manchester UK (where we live) we have the 3 top spots in google maps for our therapy practices. Plus several other 10 box placings for other search terms.

    We have more work that we can handle. So to cope with the extra work we’re doing revenue splits with other therapists.

    The bottom line is that we’re making around 4k a month sterling ( 6k us dollars) just from this one area of our business.

    We were only doing 1k sterling until we implemented what we learned from your course, so its fair to say that we have made an extra £21,000 in the last 7 months over and above what we were doing.

    This actually equates to more than $30,000, so thank you both.

    I would encourage anyone who is reading this comment to listen to what Chad and Seth are teaching, buy their products and implement them.

    These courses really do work if you use them.

    Many thanks to you both


    Gary Graye at 2:24 pm
  14. I wonder where my comment ended?
    Or here is just for ‘positive’ comments?

    Pablo at 12:48 am
  15. Great Idea! In the past I just inserted a picture for 2-3 seconds exactly in the middle but this is way better and cleaner. Thanks.

    Dr. Dan at 10:03 am
  16. You guys are just too cool!

    Kevin Revette at 8:26 am
  17. Chad and Seth,

    You are so generous to give us these little free clues here and there.

    Thank you,


    PETER at 8:51 pm
  18. Great info, Thank You! I used your advice to get the correct thumnail after TWO NIGHTS of struggling with it. Here are the results Killer Content Socrates.
    I am going to purchase you entire tutorial.
    Thanks Again!

    Jim Marq at 11:15 pm

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