$19,491 from free script

On Monday I’m going to share a free script with you that can make you tons of money. I’ve used it to make tens of thousands of dollars in various niches (NOT THE INTERNET MARKETING NICHE, EITHER)

From this one script, I made $36,117 from one site in a year, with the total profit after all the expenses of the site:


Here’s a screenshot of the unaltered profit/loss sent from my bookeeper:

Stay tuned monday for the script, I’ll be giving it to you for free….

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  1. I hope this is NOTHING like that last script I got for free!

    That one was way too similar to the Hitchcock movie “The Birds”
    Now when ever I see a Black Bird I break out in a cold sweat and
    uncontrollable shakes.And I promised myself to NEVER again be
    seen in public wearing a pink tutu.
    So, I pray your script is very different.PLEASE!

    Mr Ornithophobic

    John-Boy at 5:57 am
  2. Thanks Chad,

    You rock dude! I know this is going to be some good stuff. It’s definitely going to be a long weekend.

    Chuck at 7:16 am
  3. Looking forward to seeing the script. You know how to market.

    Jim Lenderink at 7:57 am
  4. Thanks so much for this Chad!

    irinel Lazarescu at 8:14 am
  5. Hi Chad,
    I’ll be eagerly waiting for the free script.
    Thanks once again 🙂

    Paul at 9:00 am
  6. Hi Chad!

    Can’t wait until Monday too. This must be IM at its best!



    make money on twitter at 9:14 am
  7. Hi Chad,
    I’ve had this on my computer just waiting for the right time. Monday, gotta love that day. As always looking forward to your advise.

    Have a great weekend,

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    Monday morning’, it was all I hoped it would be
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    But whenever Monday comes, But whenever Monday comes
    you can find me crying’ all of the time
    Monday Monday can’t trust that day ( you can with Chad)
    Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
    Oh Monday, Monday, won’t go away
    Monday Monday, it’s here to stay
    Oh Monday, Monday Oh Monday, Monday

    Guy at 9:21 am
  8. Why are you making us wait until Monday? I have to work Monday and can’t watch video until I get home Monday night. Weekend are best for me, more time. 🙂 Maybe you don’t work on weekends, ok that’s cool. Can’t wait to see what it is!

    Sandra at 9:43 am
  9. Very interesting. Can’t imagine what is is all about, but looking forward to it – thanks.

    Evangeline at 12:42 pm
  10. Can’t wait. Thanks for the ideas.

    Tebow Jersey at 1:38 pm
  11. seems great dude.

    So can it be Monday now..

    Jacob at 3:40 pm
  12. Looking forward to monday

    jon at 9:08 pm
  13. Chad,
    Sounds very intriguing. I’ll be anxious to hear all about it.

    tom oboyle at 9:11 pm
  14. I echo the first commenter. I have gotten off tons of lists but yours is a highly valued keeper thanks Chad.

    justin at 8:45 am
  15. Can’t imagine what is is all about, I’m very interesting and looking forward to it – thanks.

    Danny at 4:18 pm
  16. Hey Chad,

    Thanks very much for giving away those free $100 Google Adwords credits.

    And if any of your readers could also use a free $75 Google Adwords credit, they can get one while supplies last by clicking on my signature:

    Mitchell at 9:58 pm
  17. Has it even occurred to anyone that Chad’s expenses were over $1385 per month??

    REPLY FROM CHAD: Actually, this particular site had a small service component to it, the leads came in for free, but outsourcing the service component had a cost. Thats why I say the actual profit is 19K, even though total revenue was much more than that.

    Matt at 6:09 am
  18. Ok… its Monday already. Chomping at the bit here.

    Paul at 8:46 am
  19. Hi Chaddo!

    It’s Monday! I can’t wait!!!!


    bestfinds at 9:27 am
  20. I cant wait Chad. Everything you come out with simply works…literally. Still in a 10 box ranked no.1
    Cheers Chad

    Roace Cooper at 10:22 am
  21. Hi Chad,

    I am trying to install the pop up script on a blog. It doesn’t seem to work when I put it in the index file. Any clues as to where to put the code exactly on a WordPress blog?

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: When logged into wordpress, click “appearance” on the left, then click on “editor” (also on the left) then click on “footer” (on the right). Paste the popup code directly above the last “body” tag at the bottom. (make sure to make a copy of all this code before making the edits and save them in a note pad file or something so if it gets messed up you can easily just paste the last working version of the “footer” back in.)

    Ade Lamidi at 8:23 am
  22. looking forward to it.

    Saladin at 2:56 pm
  23. Hello,

    Where is the script? I want to have it.

    suvo at 2:41 am
  24. Free Script? On Monday? Really can be used to put into actions ? So desperate for it now..

    KS Tan at 4:30 am
  25. hi Chad
    another excellent post I allways enjoy reading your emails because you have so mant great ideas for making money and getting traffic .Moast gurus do not have such good ideas
    peter mcgrath

    peter mcgrath at 8:59 am
  26. Chad,
    I’m anxiously awaiting your email on Monday and information about your script. I’ve been following you enough to know that when you have something about making money online, I need to be there!

    Tom O'Boyle at 6:04 pm
  27. A patient man rides a Donkey right. I can wait thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to it. 😉

    Kojo Tawiah at 8:02 am
  28. Just wanted to say that I definitely appreciate all of these cool tips! Just like Craig said earlier – your tips are useful, not the same ol’ guru garbage that we keep hearing about.


    Will at 9:21 am
  29. Hey Chad,

    I am eagerly awaiting the script. Perhaps we can speed up Monday.

    Ed at 7:35 am
  30. Hi Chad, can you get in touch ASAP.
    Contact me at 647-727-7135 or by email.

    Don Hayes at 6:32 pm
  31. Chad, thanks a lot, I’m waiting for for your next response 🙂

    Jimmy at 11:16 pm
  32. Hi how can we get the download link for this. I see a lot of people are also looking for this. Keep up the good work, Halsted Richie lol.

    Richard Porter at 1:52 am
  33. Hi Craig,

    I agree with Mr. Wilson. You are one of 2 people I still subscribe to after our house cleaning. The rest are a re-hash operations.

    Thank you for bringing quality to the table. Can’t wait until Monday

    Newbies Scott & Erin

    scott at 6:41 am
  34. Hi,

    I would like to find out more about “THE SCRIPT”. New to IM. Learning from good people online.

    Craig, whats happening on Monday???? Eager learner

    My professor always said “There are no questions just opportunities”

    Thanks for all the help and God bless everyone.

    Malik Lakhdhir

    Web: http://socialmediahippo.com/
    Skype: Ceo_Socialmediahippo
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Malikl

    Malik Lakhdhir at 8:10 am
  35. Hi Chad,

    Thanks for the invite for Monday. Looking forward to more of your magic.

    Rodney at 12:31 pm
  36. Thanks for making this available Chad.

    All the best and happy karma.


    John at 4:55 pm
  37. Your stuff is always awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

    Larry at 11:11 pm
  38. Another awesome share. Thanks!!!

    Larry at 8:44 am
  39. If this turns out to be real, I will do a positive writeup
    and vice versa.

    Katy at 11:06 am
  40. Did I miss this? Never received another email

    Andrew at 10:38 pm

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