Silo Diagram

Have you ever used this structure in your website?

Just by adding this structure to my site I’ve found I instantly rank for more keywords and see traffic increase.

I’ll be sending along a free video tomorrow explaining exactly how I structure my silos to gain maximum traffic with minimum effort.

Silo Website Structure

By the way, I used this software called YED Graph Editor to create the diagram above.

It is totally free, works on Mac and Windows, and I’ve found it very helpful in diagramming structures like these before I create them.

You can get it Here: YED graph Editor

57 replies on “Silo Diagram”

this is an easy way to understand internal link building for newbies like me… thanks alot.

Thanks Chad, this makes sense not only for seo, but from a readers point of view. Now I just need to reorganise my whole site ! Wish I had read this years ago.

Silos sound like a good idea, it makes sense to users and search engines.I will definitely incorporate this structure in my next site.

Hi Chad,

YOU have so many GREAT TIPS !

This looks like a piece of information, keep up the excellent work.


Pretty bunch of information. I will surely implement it . Great post

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