301 Redirect Q and A

My last post on getting links with 301 redirects generated a lot of questions. I answer them here:

Again, here is the link for how to do 301 redirects:

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  1. Thanks for all your great tips and videos Chad.

    Anyone looking to get things started online is guaranteed to learn something
    from you.

    Best newsletter I’ve signed up for to date. ; )

    Jeff Noyes

    Jeff Noyes - Vendor-Lock.com at 12:04 pm
  2. You are the man Chad!

    This was a great share and I discovered that two of my main sites were really split up. Followed your instructions and everything worked perfectly.

    Please keep on sharing, it is really appreciated.


    Terry Jett at 12:17 pm
  3. chad you the man…………………..

    301 redirect is the most efficient and spider/visitor friendly strategy around for web sites that are hosted on servers running Apache (check with your hosting service if you aren’t sure). It’s not that hard to implement and it should preserve your search engine rankings for that particular page. If you have to change file names or move pages around, it’s the safest option to get more juice to you ranking

    colon cleanser at 1:32 pm
  4. I heard about this strategy before but never got around to doing it. Your video and your corresponding link to detailed instructions made it easy to do.



    Les at 2:49 pm
  5. Awesome, thanks for the followup

    Vail Colorado at 3:56 pm
  6. Thanks for answering my question, got it now.


    Steve at 10:56 pm
  7. Thanks, I gained more than 1200 pages, that were under www.

    Roger at 4:57 pm
  8. Thank you so much. I was wondering what the difference was between having www in the url and not was and this helped to answer my questions.

    Isagenix Gal at 11:29 am
  9. The question I have is do I have to do it when the website is a WordPress Install? I thought that if your main website is using WordPress (Blog) then it automatically redirects.

    Is that true or do I have to use the redirects?

    Please answer I would really like to know.

    James at 11:24 am
  10. Awesome job Chad, your karma is and will be extremely high dude!

    Bob at 8:54 pm

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