Add 500 Daily Video Views, In Under 3 Minutes

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  1. Hey Chad, are you talking about JS here? ;)

    Oh, btw, I clicked through.


    Alejandro at 1:35 pm
  2. Where’s the info on how to get the 500 daily views? You have to buy the $97 course to get it?

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, and the cost of the course will increase to $197 after Saturday

    Craig Mullins at 2:19 pm
  3. Watched the video could not see the link… and clicked the area of the arrows.. it did not work for me… too bad

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: Here it is:

    dave at 2:28 pm
  4. Chad
    This secret is in the
    Single DVD Set ?

    Jim at 3:57 pm
  5. Chad –

    All ways . . . All ways . . . excellent info –

    Q. Will your “500 visitor video” method be available for the people who upgrade?

    As long as it is done before the Saturday deadline?
    THX – Skye

    Skye at 9:05 pm
  6. PS –

    Are they (the video’s) physical DVD’s . . . .like Google Maps DVD’s ?

    Skye at 9:08 pm
  7. Hi Chad

    I bought your old course, is there a special price for upgrading? It seems like this is the general price.

    Also, when you say the price will increase to $197, is that the 1 DVD version or the 2 DVD version?

    Your confused…


    Mark - UK Local Marketing at 7:39 am
  8. In case any of you are wondering if this course is worth $97, ABSOLUTELY YES! Chad’s the man when it comes to YouTube magic.

    Art H at 12:58 pm
  9. P.S. Chad, how about an affiliate commission for the plug? lol, just kidding. But seriously, this really is an excellent course for getting your videos ranked.

    Art H at 12:59 pm
  10. Truly sounds like awesome youtube techniques. Couldn’t swing the funds this time but will put this on the wish list.

    Wade at 8:44 pm
  11. Hey, it’s just 8:20pm pacific time and the price went up to $197. That’s not even midnight Eastern time so that’s not ‘end of day’ Saturday. I’m not going to wait even longer for a response in case you decide to pull that video you refer to. If that offer is pulled too at least I know I can get a refund (but I hope I don’t have to :-)

    George at 9:23 pm
  12. Just received the dvds today although I’ve seen most of the videos already. I guess I didn’t have to buy the dvds, but the main reason I bought this and Google Cash Maps is that I’m a Chad Kimball fan.

    Ray at 12:06 am
  13. Great dvd course! I missed the earlybird special, but it was still a bargain for $197. Always great products- what’s next?

    Lisa at 10:36 am

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