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107 replies on “Auto Blog Cash Testimonials”

Michael McGeansays:

Chad you products are so informative and underpriced. I have a great collection of your products and recommend them all. Now it’s time to focus and make some money. Thanks again.

Marilyn Johnsonsays:


Man oh man, I’m not going to sleep for a week after watching just the first two videos, I am that excited! This is the best IM product I believe I have ever bought. I cannot thank you enough! You have a new devotee.


Hey Guys, this stuff is awesome. I can’t believe you are giving this away for such a small price. I’m using this information to help increase my rankings and traffic.

Hi Chad
Very unique concept that you can grow as much traffic as you want
You just make more Traffic Generator
Many thanks

Chad, you’re THE GUY!!!
Your product is simply fantastic.
I’m implementing your tools and techniques looking forward to see this stuff generating lots of traffic and money.

Hi Chad
cool concept, cant wait to dive and put this traffic generator to work

Chad I really hope this works i have been looking for something solid that will put cash in my wallet. Looks promising, time will tell.


Just opened the first video and making sure I have no distractions so that I can check the rest out.

Want to get this up and running asap.

Thanks for all your great ideas.

Ken Kruger


Chad this is the best product i bought this year Dec.30.09.The product leads me to a whole different ball game on the internet.For the price it is insane..Let get to work father and son.

I was a little skeptical about purchasing these videos at first but boy am I glad I did! They are so helpful! I will post more later…

Hey Chad, Thanks for over delivering again with more amazing out of the box underground methods that help to put money in our pockets. Auto Blog Cash Loophole Rocks!


Chad is the Einstein of Internet Marketing. I am not kidding – I bought many IM related products but none of them I can compare to Chad’s products. His is the IDEA man!

I just purchased your course and I a all excited. Looking forward to rake in some dough.

This is the best course of this kind I have ever seen. The best IM money I’ve ever spent. After the introduction the prize is already going to be worth the effort.

Jim Cookesays:

Chad – I have been a huge fan for several months now – The information that you have provided has been incredibly unique and very helpful ( and free). When I received word that you were putting out this program, it was a pure no-brainer for me. What I have seen thus far ( and I’ve just scratched the surface), is so innovative that I know this is going to work and work very well. Thanks for all you effort and I look forward to digging deeper into this course and FINALLY getting my online endeavors and solid footing!


this is looking good so far. I always thought about the content sources you were using as I have been involved in those groups for many years. But I did not take action like this and doh, did not see the tie into CMS, wow, what an eye opener. I’m eagerly going to watch the next set of vids and implement, I’m drooling over the CPA earnings forthcoming ;).

Thanks Chad,
So far after looking on the first video I am VERY excited to see the rest (will be hard to go to bed tonight ;-)

I am glad you are making this easy for beginners. I am excited at what I am seeing so far and how much time it is going to save me. Your system(s) almost always take the “hard work” out of trying to get white hat page rank. Very much looking forward to diving in!


As always very informative videos,19 of them. Step by step explanations how to do things in very simple way. Nothing average person can’t do. No hidden or extra fees and no shipping for the DVD delivery. I think I can do this and I am not very skilled person.
Thanks Chad

Chad: This looks absolutely marvelous! I hope it works as well as you say – I will come back and post after I have my first couple traffic generators up. I have been playing with blogs and free traffic for a while now and the content part of the picture was slowing me down as I wanted to be sure and offer unique, valuable content. I have only watched the first video and my head is already spinning with ideas!
Joni M. Becker, CPA


Thanks Chad

I just finished seeing the first video…….This looks tooo simple!!!
…….You are a genious!!!!
…….Looking forward to it.
You are the:” Keep it simple Guy”

Thanks again!!!

Hi Chad,

I am after your first video.
And the important thing for me is your honesty.
You decided to share after years of implementing by
yourself. This is very valuable.



Thank you just seems to small for everything you have taught me!

I have learned so much from your training and yet have barely even scratched the surface implementing everything learned.

Even with just using the basics of what you teach I have been able to almost completely dominate the natural search results for my targeted keywords not only on the first page but also in the second and third pages as well. The best part? In less than 30 days!

All I can say is WOW!
Every new technique I learn from you and use works every time!

Amazed and dumbfounded…
…get every training program these guys put out… do the work ( it is so easy-step by step) and watch your own results soar.

Brad Bellamy

WOW Chad,

Very cool stuff here my friend, when you told me about this I really couldn’t believe it all. After viewing just a couple videos I’m still blown away at it’s content. I will as promised record my results and post more to your blog along the way. Again, thanks so much, this IS the real deal.

Thanks bro,

Ciro Gamino, Author, Business Coach & Entreprenur

After watching the 1st video I am excited to dive in. I have a bit of an idea
about whats ahead as I got a product of yours almost a year ago. You have actually been my favorite marketer every since. I did not have the knowledge
then to implement your teachings as I am one of those people that has to truly
understand everything. Sucks for me but I am slowly overcoming it.
Anyhow, you guided me in the right direction back then , and I have learned a lot, but writing has been my biggest road block. This should be great for me. I just wanted to say thanks.

Got to move on to the next video

Thank you for breaking this course down in segments and going step by step. Very informative and still excited to start working on my blog. Great video!

Just finished Vid 4 and am still very pleased at how step by step you’re making the videos. Very easy to follow and take notes. I would rather like to say thank you for NOT over charging and making this unaffordable to people who need and love this kind of information.

Regarding setting up WordPress. I am so glad my hosting company has it listed. Thank you Seth for your vid on it.

Just watched Vid 7 and want to say great job, Seth. Very easy to follow and apply. You have everthing one needs to set it up, and it went smoothly.

Chad you and your brother are the BEST. All your products are first class and so informative.

Made it to the 9th Vid in one sitting. You guys did a great job in explaining, showing and going step by step so far. I’d give you guys an A for effort and ease of understanding.

Lisa Tsays:

Chad and Seth,
I thought I was just going to learn how to do the Silo thing, but I was surprised to find out that this is a full-blown comprehensive course! I love using WordPress anyway, so I’m thrilled to be able to build on that knowledge and make all my WP sites even more powerful. From what I’ve seen in the first few videos, I’m really impressed. This is going to be fun. Mahalos!

Auto Blog Cash is an awesome program! Chad definitely continues to deliver unique money making ideas with the untapped content sources and linking methods he provides in this program.

If your still on the fence about this program I strongly recommend you check it out… you’ll be glad you did, besides you got nothing to lose.

For me this program couldn’t have come at a better time, as I was just getting ready to set up a couple more sites. Needless to say, I will be using some of the techniques outlined in this program to help expedite this process.

Thanks, Chad!

Hello Chad,

Before I even begin the course…I’ve learned something that is brilliant. I love the way you put a link to your testimonial page below each of your videos…Brilliant…

Can’t wait to get started…



I am REALLY excited and motivated to use your system because it’s within my
comfort zone. I can’t tell you how many products I’ve purchased, that after reading, I didn’t quite understand or know exactly what I was supposed to do.

I’m excited to get on to the next video and find out more because from what you have described – I honestly believe I can do this!



You always come up with the goods and, as always, you do things in a very unique way that separates you from others in the business.

Your unique content method is very exciting and has given me some great ideas for my existing wbsites!


– Paul –

Hi Chad,

As I said before, if you’re selling it, I’m buying it. This is the 3rd product I’ve bought from you and it appears to be another winner. All of your products deliver way more value for the money.

Best regards,
Michael Murray

Well Chad, you’ve really got me going now!
I had to have a serious discussion with myself over buying yet another potentially barmy scheme when I can’t really afford it at the present time –
but this certainly DOES NOT LOOK BARMY!

I’ve seen something leading towards this type of work with Word Press Direct but your full-on approach seems to cover more angles and is certainly something I believe I can repeat to build up some income.

Thank you for re-inspiring me…… Here we go!


Hi Chad,
Well you have done it again, you find the greatest way for us to be successful, I am so happy that you have this one.
Your first video all made sense and I immediately put up a silo of 25 sites and of course they are bringing in the hits. Give it time and I am sure my affiliate business is going to grow leaps and bounds.
The hits also will at last, make my adsense profitable, no doubt about it.

Thanks again
Job well done

Comprehensive, detailed, rookie doable program – priceless!

Hi Chad

How can you be so right. Using your instructions of going after keywords with a low competition, I placed my desired keyword on a web site, made it the and I followed up after less than 24 hours, and to my suprise, I was No1 and No2 for that keyword phrase on google.

Just fantastic.




Did you invent Internet Marketing; or simply perfect it?

I look a lot but almost never buy – I buy from you because you constantly send out very useful info for free; and then offer great products for a fraction of what they are worth.

I’m not just a subscriber; I’m a delighted customer.


Chad & Seth GREAT JOB!

Super impressed with the content you guys put together. Just clocked the training at 5hrs 10min to view all the video training and my mind is ON FIRE! LOVE IT!

Now, I’m going to view them and complete the same actions you guys did and I’m confident that it will produce massive traffic.

Again great job, this is a great system for anyone at any level to follow.

Ciro Gamino, Author, Business Coach & Entrepreneur

Hi Chad,

Was super pleased that you’re using Market Samurai as I use it. Have just come back from Ed Dale’s Coming Home 2 Event in Melbourne,Australia and this product complements it perfectly!!

Now if I could only put my ADDH on hold ,watch ALL the videos and use it-that would be totally excellent!

Watched Videos #1 &#2 and got so excited with Market Samurai that I got distracted there and started going KWD research and didn’t get back to the next Video!!

…today I will!


Ryan Ricosays:

Cool you’re products are great


I’ve been researching auto blogging content generating software and was probably a day from buying something that scraped articles so very glad I was able to see your video concerning this system first!! Now I won’t have to be concerned about the Duplicate Content penalty at all!! Going to watch video 2 now :-)

Where do you get this stuff? I have purchased a few of your products and it never ceases to amaze me how you keep coming up with these simple, yet very useful, techniques for marketing online. I haven’t gone through the vids yet but I can see this helping a lot. Keep up the good work.

Hi Chad, your programs are top notch, and in a class by themselves.
I am expecting good reviews, and I will let you, as well as my blog viewers.


I echo earlier sentiments – great content not found elsewhere, way underpriced (i.e. great value) and I know it will work as I’ve bought other products from you. Always look forward to learning what you’ve got going because there’s no doubt it’s going to be worth more than it’s weight in gold!

Blessings to you

Hi Chad I just purchased your course and I want to know if we can add other Plugin to maximise our Blog , Because i have many Plugin for SEO , more Content, etc

Thanks for your answer


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