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107 replies on “Auto Blog Cash Testimonials”



Looks like there’s great potential in this system. Without a great source of traffic it’s difficult to build a list, and traffic is the reason I bought your course.

In my book, the caliber of the marketer is judged by whether he can entice and deliver. You enticed me to buy your product…. now it’s up to me to get to work and deliver myself from poverty!

I just finished watching the first video and the concept is really good. I have never heard anything like this before in my 1 1/2 years of Internet marketing. I heard pulling content from Google news and posting it to the blog but not this one. Hurrying to see the rest of the videos. Enjoy

Jacob John

Chad, congratulations once again, your videos are very informative. I have been blogging for quite a while, however, I have been brought up to dat today. I wiish I had known these little quirks years ago.

Thanks again, need to move on.

Hey Chad!

Very nice information – it wasn’t at all what I had imagined. I’m looking forward to putting it to good use.

BTW, is there a written summary or resource list?

Thanks again,


I am looking at everything for the second time; CHAD FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Talk about solving financial issues…

Hey Chad,

I just watched the first video and am impressed with the ingenuity if your ideas. This seems to be an excellent course and I am looking forward to watch the rest of the videos.



Hi Chad, this is an excellent way to get comments posted automatically to your blog without buying any more of those automated blog posting software.

I keep on working on my siloproject every day and I am impressed by the video series.
Suddenly , it occured to me that I miss the mandatory legal stuff on my webpage.
ToS, disclaimer and earnings disclosure for affiliates. What can you do about that?


Hi, Chad.

I just finished watching the first video and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the videos. Can’t wait to listen and learn from it.




I don’t know how you do it but Google will be so angry that they have been bamboozled with your ingenious system!!! This system is the ONLY SYSTEM that Google can’t even touch. YOU’RE UNTOUCHABLE!!!

Man oh man, I hear of so many horror stories of how Google just ripped the webpages of their site because they’re not good enough. I call this SWEET REVENGE!!! LMAO



I just purchased the video’s today and watched them all once already. I am not a techie but I think I can do this. I also purchased a site Thursday off of ebay I wanted to set up. I want to use the proceeds for my daughters wedding next year. This will give me a edge on other sites out there.

I can’t thank you enough for coming up with so much great stuff. I have purchased several items previously reading and watching. But this has lite a fire under my well ya know what… lol To actually do something. I will go for now and put this to the test. An not the system, we know that will work… Its me that is tested, doing something I have never done before.

Warmest Regards,
Shirley Bollinger


As always your information is more than I expected. You definitely over deliver for the price which keeps me coming back for more. I will always purchase from you because you give instructions that are easy to understand. I get results from your courses so I sincerely appreciate you and all you do for us.


I watched every video twice, took lots of notes. Today, I watched every video again as I set up my blog.

Blog is established according to specifications. Silo site structure is also at work for the same keywords.

Awaiting results; so that I can massage them.

Thanks, Chad!


Chad, Oh Chad,
Leave to you to come out with this origin twist to growing a blog and authenicated page ranking with Google. This of course means more and more traffic!

Can’t thank you enough for the great content. You do an excellent job of giving us easy to understand step by step process to do things. I am not at all techy but with your instructions, I am able to follow you. Thank you so much for some of the best content I have ever purchased. You have done more to help me grow my business than anyone else I have trained under. Thanks Chad,




You have delivered on every information product I have purchased from you. When I heard the presentation on this package, I immediately jumped on it. For anyone looking for serious value and actionable content, you need look no further!


Chad, I have been tearing my hair out trying to find an easy way to add RSS feeds to my sports sites. Finally! Simple and useful instruction–not so simple or useful if you don’t know where to find it. Glad I found you and listened and learned.
Thanks man,

great experience, dude! thanks for this great

Articles wow… it’s very wonderful report.

I just got finished watching another video from a top internet marketing guru who is heavily teach autoblogging.

I love his work!

He is doing article directory RSS feed and news RSS feeds. It was actually very good until I got your program. He braggs about being on the first page of google put no clicks or the clicks are taking a longer time.

I like what he has done. I just know it is going to take a lot more TIME and WORK to get the results that your system will get much quicker…..

Moreover, I believe that you are right about the recycled stuff is going to play out soon. The google untouch stuff will generate more traffic and will set itself apart from the rest.

I was hesitant on buying your program because I thought it was going to be redundant, but I am so glad I did!

I am going to do your autoblog first and test them against the guru..and I will eventually combine some aspects from them rank and clicks make a good combo….

Elon Bomani

Love the concept! Have gotten many Autoblogging programs and have implemented several. Many I’ll be leaving on the shelf from this point forward. The sites end up looking trashy and I simply can’t imagine people buying anything off of them. Love your stuff- Chad. You come across as very sincere and real- never hypey. And you always deliver value. Also like that you don’t “hawk” all of the stuff that people are pushing out there!

Chad hi

I have bead looking for a simple automated system and it looks like this is the one. After watching the first video it looks like a good system.
Thanks for sharing this, its very uncommon this days to get system that is still
fresh with full potential.



Hi Chad,

After seeing your video i was curious and now i want to learn more. I’m new to this. But i really want to learn. thanks for your video! great!

Miguel Angelosays:

Chad, i am from the Philippines, i hope i can also make money here. Cant wait to see all the videos.


Hi Chad,
I”m so happy I signed up for your site. I’m really thinking that this could help me with my MLM and some other bz online. You are the best. Thanks for making these simple techniques avavailable for me. Wishing you well as you continue to help others live life powerfully.



Hi Chad – I am so excited to learn this and apply it to my business – love the idea of going “old school” – and making it work!!!

Hey Chad,

I must be the biggest nut-case on the Internet! I bought your ‘Auto Blog Cash’ course, months ago, and I only just watched the first video.

I’ve missed out big time! I just hope there’s enough time today to get through the whole thing? I am that excited to get started.

This is quite incredible…

Thanks, Richard

Yep.. I was right – I was a fool not to jump on this months ago.

Anyone reading this who has not bought it yet – do so now!

This is great content and teaching Chad. Thanks…


howard dabrawsky IIsays:

Wow Chad!

This is totally unprecedented, I have’t seen anything like this since starting in online marketing in 1999.

This definitely takes ‘auto blogging’ to a whole new level,
I think my auto content plugins are soon going to the recycle bin :)

Oh, and I have been using one of the content menthods for a few
years now, and didn’t even know it – Now I can use that to help
get unique content on my blogs, instead of just using it for its intended purpose! (BTW im referring to Vid #2 on finding unique content)

You always manage to put out a high quality product – Keep it up!



Yall see this, —-this right here, is why I got into business (I should not have cut my dreds ten-years-ago[even though they were turnin blonde] ) #1 video makes sense.

Hi Chad,

I watched the overview and wish I had bought this when it was first available. I now have 10 blogs on as many different niches and am sure that I making all the mistakes possible.

That said this is a great system for anyone who like me does not wish to spend the day sourcing content (in my case a pointless excercise it seems).

One question I have is would this system work for existing blogs ( in my case to repair the damage before Google gets wise)?

For anyone interested or intending to set up blogs this will definitely save time, automate the boring bits whilst also getting you loads of “Google Love”

Thanks again for yet another great product.

Your information is miles above most of the schemes out there. I look forward to completing the course.

Unique! This will be applied to some existing sites for strength immediately. Obviously, the creative powers will be at work to present new opportunities that wouldn’t have been as close at hand as they will be now.

Thanks again for the power tools, Chad.

Very unique and sounds doable. Itching to put this one into action.

I’ve bought all of Chaddo’s courses in the last 18 months. All I can say is: WOW!!
I actually have a folder called CHAD’s BAD, if he was a boxer he’d be ALi

I really look forward to Chad’s emails because I know I’ll learn something new and different (and also amazing). Auto Blog traffic looks like a perfect system that covers all the hard, boring parts of internet marketing…automatically.


You’ve outdone yourself again.

Fabulous stuff – it seems you are the only one using this technique.

Keep it quieeeeeet.

Best regards

Chad gives excellent support. I emailed Chad and received an immediate response from Seth, that the plugin and all related informaton had been added in the members area of what I already had. My problem was that I couldn’t find it.

For anyone else who has already purchased Auto Cash Loophole, Seth informed me that the new plugin and update is found here, in the member’s area.

-NEW- Translating RSS Feeds for Unique Content

Thanks Seth, great support!


Hi Chad,
I can’t sleep for days after watching your videos in your sales letter. And finally, I bought this course! I am that excited! This is the best IM product I believe I have ever bought. And after watch your video course, this concept is genuine, brilliant! I cannot thank you enough! Looking forward to see this stuff generating lots of traffic and money.



Thanks Chad for putting out another NO BS product, an actual working and tested product. I’ve had many times I could not afford to buy your products, even when they were much cheaper and even the recent Domain Cash Update because I live in China and it takes me a long time to get $s sent out. But not this time, and it’s at the right time, for me, too. Where as before it wasn’t the right time, in my life. You’ve come such a long way as a marketer and with your family and brother which I don’t have, so I’ve not been growing as much as you, and having a family really helps. Like when I had my family I was doing over $130,000 a year in the 1980s! Now, I am much older and no family, no wife, I’d be happy with $130,000 a year because that much back then was worth 10 times what it’s worth now. I could buy an ice cream for 10 cents that costs $2.50 now! So thanks for being young and persistent and disagreeing with the main stream!

Excellent information presented clearly and with no hype. Chad’s products rank among my top resources for new twists in the ever-changing IM space. Thanks for sharing.

I just purchased (auto blog cash), and seen only one video (multiplication twitter), but I can feel, that at last I am in a right place. Somebody does care not how much money he can make out of me, but wants to help me, to get out of slavery of our times.

Later I will write more, as soon, as I learn and implement this stuff.


I bought this course site unseen, Just watched the first video can’t wait to see the rest. The reason I bought it site unseen is because you all ways give more than you take. I have learned more from your giveaways in the last two months than I have in the last year buying over hyped crap from others that never deliver
Based on that trust when you sell I buy. You got a good thing going here, don’t mess it up


Makes great sense and looks very promising. But need to listen to it three times and do it three times to get the feel of it as the devil lies in the detail.


You did it.
Got me out of the paralyzed stupor that has had me caught in the headlights and shown me it can be light at the end of the tunnel.
Now I can move on what until now has only been a hope and a prayer.
Maybe it is the soothing sound of your voice.
Most likely it is the solid content, outside the box approach and specific game plan. Whatever it is, it works.
Don’t tell anyone else our secrets!
What a system!
So different from all the usual drek.
Thanks my friend.

This Auto Blog info was a God sent for me. Seeing as though I am trying to build content for like 120 sites now. This info will make it allot easier!!

I wish I knew about this along time ago.




Chad there is so much great advice to digest and implement. I will hold my comments for later when I al half way through implementing the AutoBlogging MBA Guide

Were off to a flying start with Market Samurai in the took kit..I watched Market Samurai 30 Day challenge video’s from the Auto Cash Blog membership and gave Market Samurai a fire up just to go through niche keywords again (mobile marketing)..only this time drill down find keyword phrases that will make the difference to every post. Good fun..


All your products are fantastic and this one is no different. If all “gurus” were like you I would have made a lot more income over the last two years.

Glad I found you and your products.



newbie blog marketer guy and i just saw your 1st vid, excited and anxious to get started!


Hey there…

After first vid, looks like a brilliant concept.

Now let’s see how we do it.


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