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Interesting band wordpress theme – Easy Install
Monday, January 11th, 2010

Based on the given website, the user first experiences a theme called the band wordpress theme. Similar to Facebook’s timeline, this theme includes an image of a guitar placed directly on top of the website. As users slowly scroll down, they begin to see the latest entries, as well as, a toolbar for finding recent […]

Excellent black wordpress themes Free
Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The image that is depicted is a theme for a blogging site. This black theme is for the website, and it allows users to blog about anything. This theme is one of the black wordpress themes that are available to make blogs look better. The image has a test post and it hasn’t started […]

Interesting 3 column wordpress theme – Easy Install
Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Within the following image, the 3 column wordpress theme presents the user with accessibility and easy navigation. As the name implies, this theme includes three columns spanning the entire website. The left column includes Pages, Archives, and Categories, all with their own subcategories and dates. The middle column displays the website�â�€�™s latest entries and posts. […]