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This video gives detailed instructions about how to benefit from this google SEO loophole.
It also shows some free software we developed that helps you to benefit from this loophole.

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Macintosh users watch this Youtube video if you have trouble installing


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5 Responses

  1. I found another YT video that explains how to do it in OS High Sierra:

    Bernie Meyer
  2. Where is the program?

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: You can get access to the full program by signing up for a call here:
    We talk to each applicant before they join the coaching program to make sure it is a good fit.

  3. thanks had this software before from you but never used it will try this time.

    reg farwell
  4. Very good inf displayed by this software… Also maybe include if their websites are mobile-friendly or not. By the way, how do I clear the displayed results so I can do another keyword or location search?

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: Simply go back to the original tab, add more keywords, and submit again. Make sure to use a high seconds delay setting if you are doing lots of keywords!

    Rod Bartolome
  5. Hi Thank you for your details I would like to know more but havn’t been able to open your details can you please resend so I can

    regards maxine lawrie

    Australia and I can’t phone you

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: I emailed you Maxine, we can call you in Australia no problem

    Maxine Lawrie

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