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Chad Kimball

8 replies on “Free Video Q and A”

Great idea Chad, you’re one of the few IMs that are down to earth and not repeating the same old stuff as everyone else.

Hope you answer my question!

Im really feel fortunate to have come across your site…just a wealth of excellent helpful business changing info!!!

Excellent.. I hope you will answer my question (will not repost it here)

Thanks for all the stuff you sent lately, it’s been a great help!


Thanks Chad for being simple and adding real value.

I agree w/Simon, you’re innovative and your tips-n-tricks are always “ah-ha” moments for me. You and Seth keep up the great work!


Hey Chad, I’m always delighted to get one of your e-mails because I know it will be to the point and valuable. Thanks for being a unique marketer.

Thank Chad,

It’s nice to see someone who is not just interested in your money but in giving true value and helping us learn this world of Internet Marketing. Looking forward to the session.

Absolutely keep this up.

I’m a slightly cynical, somewhat jaded but happily full-time online marketer and I found the video refreshingly full of interesting content and thankfully BS free.

Nice job!

More please!

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