New Youtube Moneymaking Tool (Free)

I will be releasing a MAJOR update to my youtube cash course next week.

For existing Youtube Cash customers: watch for your upgrade link on Monday, 7.26 via email
For non Youtube Cash customers: watch for your upgrade link on Wednesday, 7.28

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Thanks Chad! The YouTube keyword tool really made me laugh. One of its suggestions was with a monthly search volume of 31,400. Can it be true that all these people are going to YouTube and typing in Google’s URL? I’d like to meet these people – I might be able to sell them something (a brain probably :-)

I can’t wait for your new program.
As always you give great value and I for one really appreciate that

Kind regards



I can’t wait to see what’s coming. YouTube is the future.

Hey Chad,
Great to hear you’re doing this. You have some of the best youtube tactics I’ve seen anywhere, and I’ve seen a few. I am really looking forward to your new product.

Thanks again Chad for an informative and educational video tutorial.

I look forward to finding out more about your Cash Course coming soon.


Great info! Let me know if you will when your new course is available – i.e., send me an email!


hi there

The Google 10 Box became the google 7 Box a couple of weeks ago !!

If you cant get in the “7 box” with your original keywords try changing the Keyword slightly and see if you can get that in there….It works for me every time !!

Today is the day for the New You Tube Training….looking forward to getting my hands on that !!!

Geoff Lord

Hey Chad, I’ve been sitting here all day waitng on my upgrade link, but it’s
a no show. I purchased your course and payed for it Paypal email is Please send the link ASAP.

No worries Steve,

I’m sure this was an oversight and Chad will have this resolved asap.

Hang tight!



Hi Chad:

I did not see my offer yesterday. I did buy the course several months back




Just downloaded the new YouTube upgrade and so far “it is awesome”

Keep up the good work, well worth the price and more.


Thanks a lot for a great info. YouTube is hot. I´m looking forward.


Great info Chad , it’s a good feeling to be on top of things this time , can’t wait to see where all this is going to in the near future. Thanks !

Hi Chad,

I did not purchase it yet but I’m looking forward to getting it. Sounds great.


I am looking forward to your other videos on YouTube marketing.

Hey Chad, I’m a member of BHW thanks to you, but I really want to know
when your’e coming out with your new Google Maps course, google places?

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