google banned this, but it makes you easy money on youtube! (free instructional video, limited time ONLY)

This Promotion has Expired, but You Can Get YouTube Cash Secrets Here

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  1. Hello

    There is no information about any software included on the page.

    Also is this just for ranking youtube videos on youtube or is this for ranking youtube videos in Google?

    Also I could not find any contact links whatsoever on any of our web pages.

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: you can contact me here: this course teaches how to rank youtube videos in google AND ranking youtube videos in youtube search as well. The additional software I mention in this video is a launch special, its not on the normal sales page for folks who aren’t participating in this launch… only those currently in this launch (see blue link below the video)

  2. hello not sure what I a supposed to do

    ANSWER FROM CHAD: Just click the link directly below the video above, and register for the course, you’ll get the software I talk about in the video (the long tail software) plus the rest of the course…


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