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113 replies on “Google Maps Cash Testimonials”


Great product, I love this stuff!

I just finished watching the intro video in the new training pack. I truly believe I could go out and make money just with what was in this single video, not to mention the content in all the FREE videos leading up to the course.

I am cutting this short because I want to get going with the meat of the course. I will post back from time to time to let you know what I think.

Thanks again for a great job…as usual!

Chris Jsays:

Great timing, Chad. I recently invested in another package that offers tools to exploit the Google Local market and make yourself the go-to guy for your area. After going over that material, it was a no-brainer to purchase your package as well. The things you’re teaching will allow me to have a powerful impact on the local market, help a lot of ailing small business owners in this weak economy, and give me financial security. I’m really anxious to start applying these techniques today. Thanks!

Ralph Mortonsays:

Hey Chad,

That’s the first video, wow.

Just think, if you tried to get what we are receiving with this purchase, your sale page would go on for ever.

No wonder you gave a 365 day guarantee, who would ever think of asking for his money back, and I have only seen the introduction.

Way to go,



There are very few internet marketers out there who actually provide value to their customers. I’m not talking about value in the products they SELL but value in EVERYTHING they deliver. The information you deliver for free between new products is terrific. When you come out with a new program, it’s really easy to decide to purchase it because I know beforehand that it’s going to be a money maker. I know that because of everything you do for your audience between sales.

Google Cash Maps is no exception. Fabulous!


Mike Moffitt

I’m so excited, just can’t hide it. I’m diggin blackhat can’t wait for DVD. whooahhh, this is best ever. thanks Chad,
big fan

Regarding the “How to Set Up a Listing” vid, I didn’t catch whether I was supposed to put the gKeywordTool keywords into the categories section or just any “web” search keywords I’ve previously analyzed (outside of gKeyword Tool) which fits my kw criteria.

Hello Chad again-
I know, I ask 50 questions :). Watched your other listings vid. Can my VA’s in Phillipines do local listings or will their IP be banned from submitting all these listings for me?

We implemented your strategy for the ten box keywords and achieved edged in on a one box listing for the competitive hotel industry. What an incredible tool you have shared. We are very excited to have your system.

Hi Chad,
Just bought your course and saw the first video. If the rest of vids are like that, I’ll pull an all-nighter. I have purchased many of your courses and they are all top-notch. You got a lifetime customer. Thanks,

Hey Chad you the McDaddy when it comes to dominating Google Cash Maps. I can see already in your video tutorials you’ve tested and tweeked Google Maps to prove how well this technique works. I’m sure glad I bought option 1 I feel excited by the possibilities your Google Maps Cash is a dead cert’ winner!

Bring it on Chad WTG!!!

Skye Gunnersays:

Chadster =(affectionate term)

My brother and I jumped on this (complete package) . . .we both believe it is something we can conceptualize and implement

Due to 95% of your VERY excellent way of teaching

Many of us out here in Internet land REALLY need the “paint by numbers – dot to dot” teaching.

If the “Gurus” out there taught sky diving . . .most of there students would be dead – no joke

Not true with you, thank you from all of us

We do have a few questions

Originally downloaded the software when it first came out, then uninstalled

The new updated software will not download / install . . .not sure why?

You mentioned that it takes a “few months” to show a listing on the Ten Box, yet it seems several student are getting results showing within days to a week.

Can you give any insights / advice ? Getting the listing to show quickly is critical

We also purchased your YouTube Cash video tutorial

How can that tool be applied to help with Google Maps?

We are very fortunate in deed that we found you

Thank you for your help on the above mentioned – Dan & Skye

PS . . .is there a way we can print out a copy of the flow chart? On the first video?

PPS . . .we bought this late last night and got up at 4:00 am to get going, we are really serious

Hey Chad

Just worked through the first video and I am excited, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Strangely only a few weeks ago I was thinking “How does someone get their site on those 10 box listings?” but couldn’t find anything despite searching the net. Then your email arrived out of the blue with the answer. Amazing! If the rest of the vids are as good and informative as this, you have hit a winner!! Big Time!!


Mike Bsays:

Hey Chad & Seth,
Brilliant work dudes! The concept is excellent, simple but effective.
The videos are so easy to follow. As part of an SEO plan this information is exceptional value. Keep up the good work guys.

Kay Alexandersays:

Hi Chad:

I just finished the first video and was afraid the material would be over my head but my husband talked me into seeing how great it is; you really make things perfectly clear. (I’m 66-years young and most often fearful of trying something new on the internet. We are extremely excited to begin using these techniques to help ourselves and others become financially independent.

Loved your latest email with photos of your great family and admirable lifestyle including home schooling and caring for children in addition to your own. Your values carry over into the programs you willingly share!! I grew up in Northern Indiana and loved spending time at the Dunes on Lake Michigan.

Many thanks for providing such a worthwhile program that we know will spell SUCCESS FOR many . . . . .



Hey Chad…

I’ve only watched the intro video and already excited about this. I’m working on building a website to dominate a local market. I’m betting this will help do the trick.



Just watched the first video and ready to jump into the rest. I’m truly impressed and grateful. My husband is a consultant and executive coach and it has been difficult using the “tradtional methods” to get any traffic or substantive exposure on-line. I really believe this is the key.

I’m also about to start engaging local businesses who essentially will get their traffic from google maps.

Thanks for providing quality information! and techniques that are truly relevant. This is above and beyond many other products I have purchased in the past.

Hi Chad.

I have had time to go through all the video’s including the “Black Hat” stuff. Very very good!

The great thing about this method is that you can see results very quickly and in low competition niches you don’t have to do more than the basic Map Listing Pimping.

Where the competition is a little more, you just start stacking up the other methods/tactics one-by-one until you get your listing at the top.

As well as just map listing pimping there is great information about how to get your website in the top 10 google organic listings too, giving you more Google realestate.

So the big question for all those thinking about getting the course, is it worth it?

Yes, get what ever version you can afford. I got the full Black Hat pack ‘cos I’m a nosy so n’ so but you will not be disappointed with the basic package.

By the way, the “Black Hat” methods are nothing too radical (no hacking or spamming), they are techniques that are more grey than black and as Chad has stated (some place) you can convert the Black Hat methods into White Hat.

Anyway, thanks Chad for a great course, it just a shame you have to be selling it to other people!



Great program. I bought it the day the program came out and sat down and watched every video that afternoon. This is great training and is already helping my website and my clients. Once again you have provided clear, valuable training that is easy to implement. Thanks and keep up producing the great products.

Wow! Seems like a good product. Can’t do it till next month. I’ll miss thr GOOD price…bummer..

Another great informational/content video by Chad Kimball. Lots of good information to get started in the 10 box Google promotion arena.

You must be nuts :-). how can I give value
100times or more than the $$$ given in exchange?
Thank you guys for being who you are.

Hello Chad,

You are one of the few Internet Gurus whose free content is gold to me.
Now, I have to tell you: this is **evil**, especially the Black Hat section – I like it!
Now, please stop selling this course so I don’t have too much competition, or raise the price before the rest of the crowd realizes what a steal this is at $197!
You could easily charge three times as much, and it still would be a good value.
Thank you for sharing effective methods you could keep for yourself , with less savvy guys like myself, without forcing me to rob a bank to pay you. Now, if you would excuse me, I have to go and prepare a proposal to do a 10 box for my boss (I am only a Sales guy there)… And he will PAY me for that service. This is too good :-)


WOW! I’m pumped…to say the least.

Powerful Stuff. Chad, I noticed that Bing is also displaying local searches.
Will these techniques work for Bing as well?




You guys have once again put together a paint-by-the-numbers approach to Google Maps! I’ve been through all the videos once and I’m blown away!

I’m going through them a second time to mine every last detail.

Great work!!


I used Chads videos and got a one box almost immediately for my internet marketing consulting site.

Absolutely brilliant!



After 21 years on-line, 15 of those years spent as an SEO copywriter, I hate to admit that, 3 minutes into Video #1, I had already learned more about GOOGLE Maps than I had in all of my previous years.

More importantly, I learned that a lot of what I THOUGHT I knew was just plain wrong. To quote Satchell Paige, “It isn’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble; it’s what you know for sure that just isn’t so!”

If you hadn’t done so before, you have certainly earned WARRIOR status with the introduction of this product.

My only question – Why so cheap? This information is worth thousands of dollars!


Good man Chad! I haven’t been this excited for a long time. really looking forward to getting started.

All the best!


This program is outstanding. My site is #1 in three very competetive categories. The site I used was brand new so it took a couple of weeks for it to move through the rankings but everything you recommend really works. Thanks!

Hi Chad,

I’m speechless. I can’t believe the results I’m getting. I can easily see how I could be on the first page of Google in the top 100 cities n the country for a number of keywords.

This is, without a doubt, way beyond the usual Internet marketing stuff of “buy my report and I’ll show you how to make $965,000 in the next 30 days”. Unlike those, you ALWAYS deliver fantastic value. This is the second product of yours that I’ve purchased and they both perform exactly as advertised.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Whatever it is, I’m buying it.

Best regards,
Michael Murray

Hi Chad,
Thank You. I’m looking forward to implementing your strategies…
it looks great, and based on your testimonials I will soon have a much larger bank account which is very welcomed as the economy continues to worsen.

All the Best,

Michael Marino

Cool tool. The videos on the various packages are very thorough and detailed. Each step makes logical seo sense as well. Wish you had a pdf version of the information in the videos as well–it would sure make it easier to remember/find things once you start implementing it.

I have not found the secret formula to making money online, yet. But I have become better at knowing what is quality and what is the same old. This first video has really peaked my interest. This is very new… for me anyways and I am determined to give it the time .

Donna Pantinsays:

Chad and his brother Seth do an extremely thorough, detailed job of explaining the exact steps to getting your business or your client’s business to compete with others and outrank them in google local search. I am eager to begin implementing the numerous strategies taught in this video course. Chad and Seth also answered all my questions as I studied everything. I think this is essential information for anyone serious about dominating local search whether for a local business or even as an affiliate if you are willing to consider grey and black hat techniques. An absolute bargain – worth every penny! – thanks Chad and Seth!

Hey Chad,

From what I saw on your demo video, I was totally gobsmacked!

This is pure underground, Ninja style.


Chad, Chad, Chad…..

Ya know buddy, I think of ya like a Rock Star, seriously. How do you keep all this stuff in your head! Everytime I watch a video, head to my listings, and tweak, register, etc my sites get busier and busier.

What is so cool is how you’ve take I think what was a huge, expensive course and chopped it into consumable, affordable peices and spoon fed me over the last year or more. Your effective, very very effective.

So whether you want to call it this or not, I feel like I’m a Sophore or first semester Junior at Chad University. And I’ve got a PhD abd in Higher Ed so I am authorized to make such recognitions…… Keep it up Chad, your brilliant.

I’m feel exited to learning all staff you teaching, i am new in internet but i am fast student and absolutely enthusiastic, it sound and looks very easy and so interesting, looking forward to implementing your strategies…
it looks great, and based on your testimonials I will soon have a much larger turn over so i hope. thank you great i find you,
elena korotoen


Just what I’ve been looking for to promote my local business and
any online website niches as well. Great Job!!

Hi Chad,

Working my way throught your program, and it looks great. I am testing on very competitive key word, so I guess I have to tweak on my listings. How ever, there is one thing I keep wonder about: How many phone number do you need to dominate 10 city’s? Please enlighten me;-)

I expected to be disappointed, like I am with most IM products.

Absolutely worth every penny. True value in the IM niche is hard to find.

This delivers what you pay for. I am now a fan.


Man, we can’t thank you enough for what you have given us with this Google Maps Cash! We have been trying to understand Google Maps and how to explain the nuances to our customers, but there was not a verifiable answer… until now! Thank you. And that includes SETH! We know he is just as important, even though you are the poster child! And the hist just keep on coming!


Thank Chad, for your advises i really had very interesting improvement for my promotions company for my small massage business in London, two month ago i didn’t know anything about Google maps and how to do some internet marketing but i got your email and i have followed your instructions and now i see so much i got benefits from this, and my business is grow, just like to say thanks and if you can send me more your very helpful suggestions I like to know more about your courses please email me information about internet marketing.
Yelena korotoen
hope hear from you soon

Chad, thank you … I am number 4 for “sportsmemorabiliaboston” on the map for that search term. My only disappointment the map only shows the first 3 . I probably would move up with a few reviews, working on it. I get 3 or 4 calls each week. I hate telling them the store is closed and use the website.
I want to thank for this program… has my determination up ..
Jeff Heath


Hey Chad,
Thanks much! This is really good stuff!


I just completed your first video and I’m looking forward to viewing the rest. Your instructions are comprehensive and I was able to follow with ease. Thanks to your efforts, Google Maps is no longer an apprehensive mess. I feel confident that I will be able to expand my business using your videos. Best of luck in your current and future endeavors.

Pinky Trevino & Nicholas Aluotto

Thanks for this awesome product! I am in several 7-boxes!

Chad…Great stuff like everything I have gotten from you. I got it for my own project but I can see how one could make good money as a service to others!

Millard Scottsays:

This method appears to be very powerful from viewing your first video. Now I am ready to do some serious Google ranking thanks to your great product.
I am glad that I finally tried Google Maps Cash.

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