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Rick Bankstonsays:

Hi Chad,
This is really great info. I can’t wait to finish the course and dominate google for my product, 3D custom wood carvings!

I’ve really enjoyed the into vid. Thanks for the excellent course description and outline. I look forward to learning and implementing this for my local business. Thanks and see you on the inside :)

I just set up my Google Maps listing on February 10th or 11th (using the “secret sauce” that I learned about from you). I also used the special directory listing service that you recommend – it submitted my business to about 40+ directories.

When I first started, there was a Google Map showing at three businesses, none of which were mine (as well as a link to over 100 businesses).

After ONE WEEK, there is only me (and no links to the 100+ businesses). I’m in the map for these search terms:

nu skin santa rosa
anti aging skin care santa rosa
anti aging skincare santa rosa

I had previously gotten Mirabella Organics in the number two spot for organic skin care santa rosa and organic skin care santa rosa. I had not done the directory listings for her, however. So, obviously the directory listing help!

There’s tons more that can be done to strengthen my (or anyone else’s) map listing … such as more reviews, citations, social bookmarking the other directory listings, etc.

Bottom line: this stuff really works!

BTW, I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to make Google create a map where none currently exists. Is this in the Gray Hat or Black Hat versions? I’ve been working with the White Hat edition, which is obviously very effective!!!

I’m excited to be able to offer this service to local businesses.

Kathleen Rhodes


Fantastic! For the price and the content, you can’t go wrong!
Cheers Chad!

Very good. though labor intensive information. Outsourcing sounds good to me! Just watched the phone video, and although you would not get multiple number features, I thought a pay as you go phone may be a good, inexpensive way to go…

Todd Mac

Hey Chad,

YOU ARE AWESOME! I applied your training with my first “approach” to a 10 box listing in a VERY competitive keyword….and…..I just pulled up Google to check AND THERE I AM! It took only two days!

I’ve purchased your Option 1 Full Training and have just started viewing the training….I am excited to see where this takes my business……

I am truly excited about the “possibilities” with this……..

Thank you Chadd!

Vince Ilardi
Atlanta GA

Great tactics for getting quality links.

Hi Chad,

I just purchased your white hat google maps course. For the minute I’m sticking with white hat, but probably will eventually upgrade!

Just watching your free videos, I have several local businesses listed in the front page of google, (some are the only listing in google maps).

I just want to thankyou for all the info you provide.
6 Months ago I paid over $700 for a similar course, what a waste of money.
I have learnt so much more from you. I just wish I found you earlier.

I am now working on building up clients.

If anyone wants a first page google ranking, buy Chad’s courses.

By the way, I am in Australia, so this works anywhere.

Thanks again,



Just opened up the E-mail, and getting ready to dive in, I will post as progress is made, here we go


Alright I went through the Into Video 3-21-10 sound really good and I’m reallyJacked ! I have a friend who has a Day Spa that just opened asking me to help them, she is on a very tight budget ( So am I ) LOL but would be willing to trade complete days at the spa for the work, so I might try this out with them, and the massage girl is hot so chad I hope I can get this done quick! :)
Ok here goes

Hey Chad,

I’ve been using your system now for a couple of months. Your Google maps information is not only very informative but also dead on!

I started by watching the entire series completely through once first to get a better understanding, I then went back through the video lessons one at a time, only this time applying each technique as I went.

My first Local business is owned by a friend of mine who owns a franchise in a major corporate national chain who agreed to let me use his business as my test pilot.

With-in a few days of me creating his “new” business listing, Google merged the two ( as you predicted might happen) with the local business listing that had previously been in existence set up by the corp. home office or Google,not sure which.

Wow did I about have a cow right then and there. Fortunately Google rewarded me the new listing, I’m guessing because I had totally fleshed it out as per your instructions and it appeared to be the most relevant of the two.

Since then, approximately two months later, not only did the new Maps listing become prominent , but we have managed to take over- “Dominate” the first two pages of the natural search results for 7 different keyword phrases locally in his city. Imagine not having a competing company show up for two pages.

Just for those of you who might still be skeptical as to whether or not you can earn money providing this as a “paid for” service to local business owners, I finish with telling you about how it has gone from a test pilot with one store to now doing Google maps local business listing for just shy of 500 different franchise owners of this company all over the United States.

You and your brother have literally changed my life with this program. I am now a stay at home father of two teenage boys and have left the company I have worked for the last 15 years to pursue my new found love and career helping local business owners build there businesses.

One of the best parts is the feeling of appreciation from the owners who I am servicing, they real love it!

I can’t find the words to express my gratitude enough to you both, Thank You!

To Your Success!
B. Bellamy

David Tsays:

Great stuff Chad, this is some of the most exciting material I have seen come along since I have been online marketing. The implications for Local Business customers is awesome! I love being able to offer my clients REAL VALUE for there $ especially during these hard times.


This is a great intro and I am ordering the actual
DVD for extra content.
I will post again as I advance through the course.
I am anxious to get started.

Michael Stracener


Early sessions were good and solid, went in depth of what I already knew… but in the 15th video I found that Golden nugget that will help me with so many other things… Love it!

Just seen Video 4, and it is easy to follow. Thanks.

I am off to a great start with your Google maps for top 10 box.

I had followed your advice on selecting a ups store for my street address.

Now when I register my business and I’m position in the top 10 box,
when you click the link to get a street view of the area of the business I see a ups
struck in front of the their store. I guess it is what it is, what is important is being
position in the top 10 preferably the #1 spot.

Chad I have just bought the option 1 of your offerings and watched the first video, I must say that it was easy to listen to and to understand!!!! I cannot wait until I receive my complete system. If all of the videos are of the same type of format, then I am surely in for a treat and a large improvement in my finances.Thank-you man —great.

Thourogh & well thought out nothing left to wonder.Caring in everything Chad does thats why I respect him so much.

Hi Chad,
very powerful introduction. I’m very curious to learn all from you about local marketing and install with that knowledge an additional consulting business for the German market.


Just finished the intro, so far I am glad I purchased it. Hopefully I will be able to rank will in the 10 box for severarl key areas. I will keep you informed.

This looks like realy helping getting to a higher level -dominating those precious top level first page Google rankings. The only ones that counts.

Will leave this short – looking forward viewing the next video.

BTW – would be great to have this stuff in PDF so to go over them again even in places you would normally not mention or take your PC to.

Hey Chad
Very clear and concise. I’m really looking forward to the coming videos. You have a very “Following” voice so it’s easy to listern and learn. Well done.

Hi Chad and Seth what a great Ninja discovery absolutely brillant well done. Loving the course concept and potential of business opportunities. Keep up the Ninja discoveries. Peace ;)

Hi Chad,
I bought this when it launched and initiated the black hat version for sports memorabilia boston and within a couple of weeks I was listed in the ten box for this term. This is an amazing process. Many of the programs out here are a lot of fluff but not this one. Google did take my listing down because the people who called to find it did not like my answer.
Now I am using this to start a consulting business for local businesses. I am very happy I have this product
Jeff Heath


WOW! Only into the intro video – and already this course has me itching to go through it! Like most people here, I am looking at the local SEO market and this product is a no-brainer to achieve top listing for local business!

Can’t wait to get the ‘golden nuggets’! Will report further with progress!


fabulous content. I don’t get it all at first, but I will keep going to learn more.

I’m off to a good start watching just the first overview video. I’m looking forward to specifics. I believe I find my answers there.

Brad Bellamysays:

This content and the presentation of it are simply amazing!

Really good videos, explained in a simple but detailed way, so that you can make the most out of google maps listing.

Interesting concept, I have never heard of this strategy before and I can’t wait to try it out for myself. After using this strategy I will leave another comment regarding my personel outcome of this tecnique.


Chad the videos are amazing. I love being able to offer my future clients these valuable benefits.

There are very unique approaches that I never though should be possible to do. Wow!


Thanks for providing the What to dos and the How tos.
Now it’s time for me to get in and put it to work.
I hope to have some success stories shortly.

Awesome product – have been watching videos since I bought the course, like having a book you can’t put down. If you tried to learn all the information in this course yourself it would cost you Thousands of $$$$’s and months of testing.

As a local SEO provider to countless small businesses this information is invaluable! (By the way – get the blackhat course as some of the tricks can be used for white hat sites without any penalty or risk of one!)



Thank you so much for your overdelivery and incredible cool methods.
Also for such a super fast response to my mail.
You are one of the few marketers with an email address to which you also respond with such amazing speed. True integrity and I just wish all marketers would follow your example.
Thanks .Awesome.


great course!

But Chad the videos do not play on my iPad !!!

This is 2011 mobile is exploding !!


I’m just starting to go through the course. After watching the intro video, I already feel quite strongly that my money was well spent. I’ll leave more comments as I go along through the course.

Hi Chad,
If the 2011 course is anything like the 2009 one, then you can safely give a 2 years money back guarantee. Endless usfull info. If anyone doubts what they may be getting in your course, just send them to me. I have numerous Google Maps listings on first page.
Thanks for all the valuable info guys.
Great stuff,
Deon van Rooyen
(Cambridge UK)


There a heck of a lot of content here. Some of it makes perfect sense and I had already figured it out myself but other parts are completely new to me. A few techniques I had theorised but never put into action / wasnt quite sure how so this is really going to help me out. I have myself and 6 \partner\ businesses in my niche so I am pretty much looking at totally dominating the 7 pack.
I think, given what I have just read, that is entirely possible now!

The creativity and energy you put in to the ranking challenges is inspiring.
Also the fact that you care for us to succeed comes across. Even before being a client, I recall from last year, you were more than happy to put in the time to respond to couple of questions I had. Thanks Chad.

great value as usual, and after buying the course I am sure this will all fit together.
Just one on the po box stuff you tought before, which i am sure you update on ib the video course, Google, at least in the Uk, wont publish a listing, in our experience, until the po box info has been removed, and then when you remove it to update it, it generates a new postcard requirement. So the po box stuff wont work over here as far as we can tell from experience.
I love your work man. The best stuff provided everytime compared to the rest.

Have a great week and be good :o)




Great update to the google maps course! Having bought the original maps course, I can say this is an awesome information packed update for 2011! Perfect for a newbie or advanced like myself. So much great information in this update, and the black hat add-on is totally worth it – can’t wait to put that into action :)

And as usual, Chad has great customer service, he has always responded to my support requests, and sometimes faster than I would normally expect to hear back from him!




Thoroughly enjoying every video I’ve watched so far. A little overwhelming, but I’m looking forward to watching them all and implementing everything I learn. Chad THANK YOU very much for this fantastic opportunity!

OMG this really is more like 3 courses rolled into one. Once again Chad and Seth have really over-delivered quality information on their topic. As a working SEO consultant I can confirm that this is absolutely the best and most thorough course on Google places ever produced. Much of the information contained within, I have until now, only wished was possible, but never had the time to figure out for myself. Thankfully I now just need to apply these shortcuts rather than stumble along trying to figure them out myself. This is a HUGE time-saving and would more than justify a much higher price for this course.
Happily Chad’s style of teaching takes you step by step through all the stages needed to achieve similar results, and simplifies a somewhat complex method so that it is, for the most part easy to follow and implement. All this at a pace that makes the learning interesting and understandable.
The main thing is that if you just follow the steps (in the order that Chad lays out) you will achieve fantastic results and most importantly not be penalised for making (in the eyes of Google) mistakes.
This is the 4th product I’ve purchased and so far each one has made me (and the IRS) richer and continue to do so. I already know this course will be no exception and quite possibly better the previous ones.
Lastly I can also confirm (personal experience) that Chad and Seth’s customer support is superb (7 days a week) and they quickly sorted out a payment problem for me (no they did not pay for me :-) so that I was able to purchase this course, whilst at the same time thanking me –
Great Product + Good Customer Support + 365 Day Guarantee + Affordably Cheap Price = No Brainer to buy!!!!


By the looks and how long it took to scroll down, there is no need for another testimony. Just buy it now! I was on the fence on his first one and now I’m all in!

So far, love the process map! Great for us visual learners.

Can’t wait to watch the next because I’ve had trouble with clients pages and this looks like it will iron everything out.

Also, kinda cool that your using my hometown in the videos and recognizing these places. Of course, going up against you might not be fun but up for the challenge.:-)

So if you are on the fence, try it. Take the leap. Especially with his awesome guarantee.

Chad and Seth,

Although I just purchased this (been waiting for it to come out), from what I have seen already, this is going to be a game changer in my business. Having this as an arsenal in my bag is going to help me to help my clients in a BIG way!

You have put in a lot of time and effort into showing us how to properly setup places listing and much, much more. I can’t wait to dig into this and see some awesome results. I will keep you posted on that.

Great product at a discount price!


I have just started to go through the course, but I can already see that it is going to be invaluable in helping me get clients’ places listings at the top or even in a one box. I am so excited to finally have this information.

michael stracenersays:

Wow !!!!!! Just finished several of the videos and
I can see my future internet business expanding exponentially
in my mind. Now to put it to work in the Real World.
Keep up the great work and Thanks.

Michael Stracener

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