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Chad Kimball


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61 replies on “New Google Maps Free Software”

I know this will be as effective a product as all your previous offerings. Thank you for providing it at everyone’s favourite price.

hi chad

thanks for the great software, and the proxy system is great ! i used your original versions which were excellent but this new version looks like it surpasses all of my expectations. I look forward to getting my hands on yet another of your excellent courses on the 18th aug

geoff Lord

Hi Guys,

You have truly out done yourselves… this piece of software is awesome!
With your help I am bound to finally make the Big Bucks online once I
achieve that I promised to purchased every single AWESOME product
you guys produce.

Thanks again… You ROCK!

Chad, Excellent as usual. I have unsubcribed to nearly every list since I am focused on doing and making money in my IM niches, but your info is one list I will always belong to. Simply because your courses are worth it and the free info you provide is awesome & helpful. I do local SEO consulting as well so this is great. Keep it up!


These new improvements are working great! I ran a test run for “plumbers newark, nj”, and the results are very accurate when I’d compared the results with the live listing in Google.

This is a great tool for marketers looking to help small businesses in their town or city.

I’m using a Mac, and I was wondering if you’re planning to include a way to close those analyzed search tabs at the top.

Thanks again for sharing this software with us!

So how would one go about monetizing this? For instance, if I look up dog trainer, personal trainer, etc.. see the competition and believe that I could get a higher level, what are the steps that you would take to let a business owner that you could get them ranked in that list? What do you charge? Sorry for the ignorant questions. Complete offline newbie here.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: My google places course that I’m releasing on August 18 will give you all the steps for this, start to finish. It is actually a very straightforward process if you know the tricks to getting these things ranked. Regarding monetizing, you could setup a page and sell leads, you could lease the entire places page to an existing business, you could send traffic to an affiliate link, you could be a local business consultant, etc.. many possibilities!

Cool Local low hanging fruit tips & analyzing software Chad! Thanks again for sharing more quality content that will help many of us that take action. I always like to have whatever edge possible to help speed up and automate marketing research..problem is many software developers do not continue with updating or when something seriously real powerful is created …well they don’t normally share with anyone else. I stay on your list because you & Seth s stuff has always been high standard compared to so much other noise & crap out there these days.

Hello Chad
Thanks for your excellent software.
Do you any tip to search for european private proxies (even paying) ?
or maybe Google is my friend ;) ?
ok…i will search for these terms ! :D

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Those sites in the video have european private proxies (see toward the end of the vid)


Kudos for a great little piece of software. I will be using it in my local offline consulting for sure.
I am looking forward to the update on the Google Places course.

Thanks again,

Charlie Akoa

I think I read that Google isn’t using citations to affect ranking anymore. Is that true?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: That is not true. I’ve read a lot of folks saying that. But its simply not true. The only thing google did is stop SHOWING citations. There were very few ranking changes in the last update, only cosmetic changes. The algorithm did not change at all, just the look and feel changed.

Its like, grabbing our pockets books, and putting the keys to the bank in it, and saying, “Go,… Help YourSelf!!!!”

What a wonder(?)….hemmmm…..

Another Thing…..

While helping others, YOU ALWAYS Out-do Yourself (products and Services)!!!!!!

…And it’s Free++++

This is Wonderful A+++

Thanks Chad

Chad –

Wonderful, once again. I have already had some success from the Google Maps Cash course in getting local businesses ranked, and have plans to grow this aspect of my SEO business, so this is timely!!

But I do have a question. When I downloaded the “3rd Party” CSV files, they didn’t contain any more information than the overview. I was expecting, for example, a breakout of where the reviews were coming from. Is that a bug, or am I missing something?

Thanks again for the tool!

Hi Chad

Just tried the software and it’s really good BUT it would be even better if it could be maximised to utilise the whole screen of my monitor instead of just a small bit in the centre


Great job. This is the system that can ignite a business as it teaches and provides the method so one can understand the value of the work as compared to competition. I like the fact that I can use if for mature categories that have claimed their listings, and are very competitive.

hi Chad again,

did you send out the link for owners of release 1.0 to purchase the update to 2.00 OR did one of my mail eating devices destroy your offer?



ANSWER FROM CHAD: I just sent it to your email, let me know if you got it

Hi Chad-
I’m not sure if I have release 1.0 – I have something called Software dated 05/07/10 – and if I paid for the full version – or if you rolled it out the same way.
Thanks Matt

Thanks Chad & Seth.

I’m glad you made this updated version of the software available as I was concerned about the results that previous version from the old GoogleMapsCash course would not be so accurate.

I would love to get the updated version of the training, but maybe later.


Paul Facey

Hi Chad,

I’m in the same boat as some others, was waiting for my upgrade email to arrive.

I know I bought the original ‘cos the box is here in front of me :-)


ANSWER FROM CHAD: I just manually emailed you your link. For others previous customers of Gmaps Cash, if you didn’t get your upgrade link email me at

Chad, although you are good enough to answer my questions offline but I have to make an admission publicly so that others don’t make my same mistakes….I’ve been following you, purchasing your products, and applying your techniques for lord knows how long….but over the last 18 months, I’ve drifted away and got caught up in spending litereally thousands on other stuff, plans, programs..bla bla bla. You released our update, I’ve put aside all the other crap (really, crap) and am refocussing. Within days, listings that had been killed by Google are back in action (new accounts) and my one listing is pulling in business from two states away. Forgive me oh wise sage for wandering afar and this time, I’ll not wander away.

Hey chad!
This software is awsome!I love your posts and tutorials here on your site. I am looking for more crazy tutorials from you.

Many of this tricks i am using for every of my projects.

Wish you the best for the rest of 2011 and for the hole year of 2012!!!


Alper Aribal

Chad, Excellent as usual. I have unsubcribed to nearly every list since I am focused on doing and making money in my IM niches, but your info is one list I will always belong to. Simply because your courses are worth it and the free info you provide is awesome & helpful. I do local SEO consulting as well so this is great. Keep it up!

Thanks Chad, fantastic software and very thorough instructions. Can anyone recommend something similar for organic and Adword SERPs – by similar I mean top quality and free :) I’ve used the trial version of SEM rush and love it, but can’t justify the monthly cost at this stage.


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