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9 Conmen Steal My Money, Housewife Gets It Back

The housewife is the “girl” in the video, minute 3.

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15 replies on “9 Conmen Steal My Money, Housewife Gets It Back”

Great strategy Chad Looking forward to your Lists secrets course ,tuesday

Good one chad, nice headline I was like where is the housewife, but I see you explained it well. Hopefully I can get my wife to understand the internet, and maybe that could be her job instead of going back to school to waste money trying to make money. I look forward to your email list, I am kind of in a hole from investing in my tshirt company so make it a good price a struggling person can get. Thanks chad you are the realest.

You make your point effectively… Quality gets results. When your internet marketing includes quality and quantity, you can win.

At first, I had no idea why you chose your headline.

Sweet housewife Chad! Cool advice on tracking and hidden profits. I see that beard is growing back – I’m still not sure if that’s you or Tommy Chong up their
on top of this page. Thanks for the tips- Always enjoy and appreciate your sharing.

Hey Chad,

Simply unbelievable. So simple, yet so profound. How could I miss it? Of course I need to track and track everything. But, what happens? I have not and still don’t make it enough of a priority.

Maybe others face the same problem. Switching from one project to another so quickly and easily, that nothing gets finished. Result? I have no idea where I am!

For example, I got quite a big check from ClickBank recently, and I have no idea where it came from.

Really, you are a genius. Every time I watch your free video content, I learn so much. I just keep thinking I must have missed out on a whole lot every time I skip an email or whatever from you…



Hey chad, seems the video keeps stopping right after you show the number of sales.
Could you send it again please ,thanks.

never works now.

Hey Chad,
Thx for the kick up the behind.
So important to track everything.
Something I need to do much more of…
Thx again dude.

Hey Chad I spent my last buck on the Niche Profit classroom. Yes I want your letter.

Robert Hernandezsays:

It is just simply amazing Chad, It just blows my mind with the radical information you bring forth! You go on with your bad self and I will looking forward on Tuesday! Peace!

Thanks for always sharing great content. You Rock!!

If it’s true that our species is alone in the world, then I’d have to say the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little

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