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240 Responses

  1. Awesome video ( I sound more American by the day ) well worth watching & absorbing, thanks very much

    Chris Bowler at 11:29 am
  2. This sounds ‘interesting’ to say the least.

    Will down load when I switch computers (presume it is windows only).

    Bob Marconi at 11:38 am
  3. Hey, im in the download process rite now.. Im sure if you were the person who cr4eated the software it will be bomb ass!! CAN WAIT TO TRY IT…. ILL POST BACK WHEN IVE GAVE IT A FAIR CHANCE.


    Richard at 11:51 am
  4. Awesome technique Chad! I’m going to download it now and let you know what I think later on today.

    Thank you

    Gary at 11:53 am
  5. This looks great- I’ve got some local clients who could really benefit from this!
    I’m going to download it now.
    Kim Doyal
    The WordPress Chick

    Kim at 11:55 am
  6. Chad, cool software. Now if I could figure out how to get on the first page in the 10-box …….

    Jim at 12:00 pm
  7. Thanks Chad, another awsome tip that will help so many people make more money online. GREAT JOB!


    Mario at 12:09 pm
  8. Just uploaded your software and cannot wait to use it…

    I have used Google maps many time and it does get results.

    A tool like this will be like having a goose that laid the golden egg.

    WebMarketerGreg at 12:15 pm
  9. The software is nice..

    you keep sharing all the insider tips..

    I can say 100% that this works..
    people aren’t doing the simple obvious stuff,
    that any real good business would do..
    and that’s what google loves..

    Think Local Act Global.. – be around for ages..
    Think Global Act Local – still there too..

    Great vids.. keep them coming..

    Simon Web Tyrant at 12:19 pm
  10. Hi Chad,

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It really look promising and I can’t wait to try it and find how it can help me get indexed in Google maps listing.

    M.S. Al-Mahrouqi at 12:19 pm
  11. This is perfect for what I need. Thx

    Pompeii Tours at 12:21 pm
  12. This is truly GR8! … I always wanted to do this for clients and submitting to Google never GOT RESULTS … can’t wait to try ur pgm.

    Thank u kindly and when I c results I’ll let u know.


    Z'da at 12:24 pm
  13. This is a great idea. I downloaded and installed the software, but it will not run on my computer.

    Jeff at 12:29 pm
  14. Look forward to digging into this later as well, and will most certainly post feedback. One question though; do you discuss how to go about getting the local listings anywhere? And is this something that one can only do in one’s own local market, or is it possible to spread ourselves out geographically if we’re dealing with things such as info products or consulting?


    Rey at 12:29 pm
  15. Hi there Chad,

    I really do not know how you find all these techniques – awesome man!

    I am downloading now and will let you know the results – exciting stuff. I am in several niches so cant wait to get started


    Jon Lake

    Jonathan Lake at 12:30 pm
  16. Chad, I ditto all that was said above and am going to be your biggest fan. I did down load and unzipped the file. I watched the instructional video which is even bett than the one above.
    Problem is I cant get the program to open and run. I even went through the uninstall and reinstalled it. Nothing.
    Can you offer any suggestions please?

    Thanks for everything,


    @alen… can you email us at chadwarrior at gmail ? Let me know your OS, browser version (specifically IE) processor etc… thanks!

    Allen Harp at 12:32 pm
  17. Okey dokey, Chad.

    Just downloaded the software and have added this to my to-do list for this week. This will be fun experiment that I look forward to conducting.

    Deborah at 12:36 pm
  18. Hey Chad,

    Thanks for the new twist on dominating Google.

    Margie at 12:36 pm
  19. Chad,

    I have just about every product you’ve put out and I like the cut to the chase way you present things. I have recently started taking my 15 years of online marketing experience combined with my offline sales experience to start offering SEO and SEM services to local businesses. The majority of them are clueless. This is another good tool to have to offer them.



    Teahupoo at 12:38 pm
  20. Hey Chad!

    This looks great. Can’t wait to try it.
    Will post back in a short while.


    Michel at 12:47 pm
  21. This looks awesome, I love all these toys you smart guys give us to play with, now if I could just figure out how to make some money with them, (0:

    Debra at 12:47 pm
  22. Nice stuff Chad,top class.
    What a great trick to share,thanks again.

    Marko at 12:48 pm
  23. Chad… another winner. This is a great lead generating idea. Thanks for all your free help and advice. Keep up the good work… JR

    JR at 12:49 pm
  24. Wow! If this does what you are saying then it may be too powerful for me to handle the biz. Maybe I could adjust, hire some people, get in extra inventory, improve my mgt. skills. Just kidding! Looks good, I’ll load it up and see.

    Mark at 12:51 pm
  25. Very cool. I do this by hand for my clients before setting up their Google LBC listings. This way I can determine the best keywords to use when setting up the listing. I also, offer some other tips on what it takes to rank well in the Google LBC: – it might give some additional insights. Stop let me know what you think…?

    Local Search Marketing at 12:57 pm
  26. Chad,
    I couldn’t get the software to run. I downloaded and installed it on my computer and a desktop icon but when I tried to open it up, nothing happened. Also, does this work on Apple? I tried both Windows and Mac, Safari and IE.
    No dice,

    @ Tom could you shoot us an email at chadwarrior at gmail ? We’ll get it running for ya, just need a bit more information, thanks! ~chad

    Tom O'Boyle at 1:03 pm
  27. Watched the videos and installed the software. Great stuff guys!

    Any tricks on how to get listed in the 10 box fast?


    Michel at 1:03 pm
  28. Chad,
    Yet again you keep bringing in the bacon. Keep up the great work.

    Rob at 1:09 pm
  29. Hey Chad,
    Yet another gem of info and already know that google maps helps me with one of my services/

    In the video you say In the U.S. so my question before I download is whether it will work in the U.K.

    Thanks, Steve
    (repeat customer)

    @Steve we haven’t tested it in the U.K., but the principles are the same anywhere where google maps has data. Would you install it and let us know? ~chad

    steve at 1:13 pm
  30. Chad,
    Maybe there is something wrong on my end. Everything else works, butmy email receives but wont send. So rather than wait on it, here is the info you requested: I am running Windows XP SP3, I’ve got a P4 Gateway 3.0 Ghz processor, 2 GB memory, I go online with cable internet service, and I surf with Internet Explorer 8.

    Thanks again for your help!

    @Allen… we updated the download, it should work for you now. Try downloading the file again and installing.

    Allen Harp at 1:26 pm
  31. Downloaded the software and excited to try. Thanks for the great info per usual guys! I do have a question related to how we go about actually getting our ad in the 10 box?? I’m not finding that info anywhere.



    Dan at 1:36 pm
  32. Chad, I love your creativity. Thanks for this!

    Amanda at 1:40 pm
  33. Chad just want to thank you for the software, this is going to be awesome tool for anyone to use, thanks so much for your continued help along the way

    skill at 1:42 pm
  34. I have downloaded the software and installed it, but the software does not run at all on my computer system, window xp. Do you have any suggestion?

    UPDATE: We actually upgraded the software. If you are having problems, uninstall the software. then redownload it from the above link and install, should work for ya this time (sorry about that) ~chad

    WebMarketerGreg at 1:50 pm
  35. Working ok now. Have managed to find keywords. Good stuff.

    Alan at 1:51 pm
  36. So it’s a technique to spam Google???

    I can’t imagine Google will be happy about this or allow this technique to continue for very long.

    Chad, do you honestly approve of the locksmith spam you showed in your video? If I was actually looking for a locksmith in my area and had to wade thru all that crap I would not be happy.

    If I’m misunderstanding how this works, please correct me. Otherwise you are just adding to the “noise”, IMHO.

    ANSWER: Good questions! We’ll be sending out another video or two to answer these questions. The goal here isn’t to do what the locksmiths do, but to learn from their techniques in a way that will work for the long term. STAY TUNED FOR MORE VIDEOS! :) ~Chad

    Steve at 1:53 pm
  37. Chad,
    You continuously come up with useful information. I am so impressed and grateful that you share it with us.

    I’ll be sure to check back and let you know how it goes for me.


    Theresa Mayhew at 1:57 pm
  38. Chad,

    You did it my good man!
    This time I downloaded the files, unzipped them, installed it and it started right up. Looked great.

    I thought I would give it the acid test. I did a similar type of research for my son’s business about a week ago…manually and arrived at 9 terms that would show up in boxes. It took me almost three hours.

    After I installed the program, I took my same starting keyword list and added three other nearby towns and ran it through. After no more than 1 1/2 – 2 minutes max, it returned a list of 16 terms including two that I should have picked up the first time.

    It not only works Chad, it works extremely well.

    Thank you for your service and patience. You definitely have a winner here!


    Allen Harp at 2:18 pm
  39. Hey Chad thanks for the software update that was quick. Now for a question will google slap you in local search for putting websites up and your not in the local area . what do you do like the locksmith guys and make up different names. I mean you could basically take over the hole 10 box if you wanted to. and how about linking to landing pages . you know the locals could get pretty pissed if they new what you were doing. how does this work with google. like i care what my locals think except potental clients.

    Bill at 2:29 pm
  40. Hi Chad,

    Thanks for sharing, and all the effort you put in. I am going to download the software, and will return with feedback.

    God Bless!

    Phil Jansen at 2:31 pm
  41. Chad softeare update you sent still no good.Still have a problem

    @Bill… shoot me an email at chadwarrior at gmail… but first make sure you uninstall the first version completely, then reinstall. ~Chad

    Bill at 2:46 pm
  42. Hey,
    It looks very promissive. I want to check it now. One question more: we want everybody allover the world to see our info, but we are located in just one particular place. So, what to do to be displayed in allover the world locations?

    Kris at 2:46 pm
  43. hi Chad,
    you are always providing some very useful tips and interesting findings and this is truly a great resource. i always wonder why sometimes there is business listings when i search google and sometimes, nothing show up even though i am searching for some service! but i never really probed into the details and never thought of this.. anyway i will check out your software and i am sure we certainly can target google map for seo purposes, just like using press releases and other social media sites, videos to dominate the niches.. :)

    btw, is there a criteria on how google triggers a business listing and is it possible we can make google trigger similiar kind of business listing maps on the front page based on our keywords?

    Eric at 2:47 pm
  44. I’ve deleted the program and downloaded it again and still can’t get it to work properly. The program opens up, but when I put a keyword and the cities in, the message is that it didn’t bring up any keywords and that the captcha was probably typed incorrectly. Any suggestions?


    Theresa Mayhew at 3:17 pm
  45. Chad, I am amazed at how you figure this stuff out, but I am more impressed with the way you help take care of homeless kids and how you are training your own children to love others as they are so loved. You are using your profits to benefit God’s children and for that alone you are quality in my book.

    Thanks for your free info and thanks for the SOLID info. God bless you and your family!

    Will at 3:25 pm
  46. Chad, Thank you for your generosity, I am excited to roll up my sleeves and start playing with this software, this could be HUGE!!!!

    Lori Walker at 3:29 pm
  47. Looks like a special idea, count me in looks great.
    T Nathan

    T. Nathan at 4:02 pm
  48. Thanks for the very timely software. I’ll let you know how things go.

    Just a quick question… would you be able to write something that does the same thing for Google video, images, news, shopping, etc.? Would that be of any value? I know you have your youtube video course, but didn’t know if you found any type of coorelation as to trying to rank your videos for keywords that are already showing videos instead of ones that are not.


    joe at 4:06 pm
  49. You keep delivering man! Looks awesome to me, thanks!

    Rob at 4:17 pm
  50. Thank you Chad great stuff, I have a question, what you do next with this keywords, some of them have big competition in Google and how you get your website to show in 10box

    jacob at 4:55 pm
  51. Chad,

    I really wish I had all the info in your head! This is a great tool!

    Don –

    Don at 5:49 pm
  52. Chad,

    I don’t know how your email ended up in my inbox, but bro, I’m glad it did.

    I downloaded the vBulletin PM Manager tonight and used the JV Email Template right away in my niche. I started poking around your blog, came across this page…and lost my frekin’ mind!! I have several clients I’m gonna use this technique on starting as early as tomorrow!!!!!!

    Here’s the kicker. Before I downloaded the 10x Finder software, I’d already had several messages for JV offers!

    You rock!

    I loooovvvvvee your “no-fluff, no nosense, no lead on, here-it-is” presentation. Great respect for people’s time. I’ve bookmarked this site, and will pass on the word of the good location.

    You have joined my list of favorite people’s sites to visit: Robert Plank, Dean Hunt and Seth Godin.

    One last thing. Would you, or one of your staff paaleeeeeezzzzzzeee let me know what plug-in is used for this comment block. I’ve been looking for one that require email and website–as does this one–but my searching has not uncovered one. Whats the 411 on this one?

    Anyway. Thanks for the software, tips, general all around down-to-earthness.

    ANSWER: Reggie, not sure what plugin that is! (my staff setup the blog) but if you email me at chaddwarrior at gmail I’ll find out for you ~chad

    Reggie at 6:01 pm
  53. Chad,
    will this run on a mac?

    ANSWER: we don’t have a mac version yet, but if there is enough interest we might get it going ~ chad

    Joshua Immel at 6:36 pm
  54. Chad you’re the man! Has anyone told you lately that you’re a genius?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Rickey at 6:41 pm
  55. Thanks Chad, great job. Going to download it now and put into action

    Robert Hirsch at 6:42 pm
  56. gaime rais bien avoir ton

    wilfrid at 6:56 pm
  57. This is amazing software. Works here in New Zealand and a great asset for marketing and advertising consultants especially those working with new clients.

    I do have a question though… What causes Google to create a map listing in the search engine search results? Is it having enough businesses listed for a particular keyword phrase? What happens if you get a search result for which there are no current map results but you create a map listing for those keywords?

    Just a thought.

    Bronwyn Wilson at 6:58 pm
  58. Tried to install it but as others have said,it won’t open.

    I’m am using vista and firefox.
    Hopefully we can get a fix going this looks great.

    Marko at 7:00 pm
  59. That is good stuff. I have to learn how to use it is the key now.

    Kamal at 7:02 pm
  60. Hi Chad,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the video and will definitely start using it. The presentation was excellent.
    Thanks my friend

    Emmanuel Mba at 7:10 pm
  61. Great idea I will try this!

    John Neyman at 7:15 pm
  62. Chadd, thanks for the very interesting tool. Local search has been shaping up to be “the” battleground for a lot of niches for some time now, so this is quite timely. Looking forward to using it!

    Mark at 9:11 pm
  63. Hi Chad & Seth

    thanks for this great s/w – I have just downloaded it, watched your instructional video and have tried it out on a number of Niches.

    It is a MASSIVE time saver compared with what I was previously doing!

    In fact, all your instructional videos are top notch!

    Many thanks for this one, though!

    PS I have other fellow Community Commerce colleagues with other niche sites at who will also appreciate this one!

    Nadine Huegel at 11:12 pm
  64. I installed it and it works. I’m a little slow, though. So now I have the keywords that show up, what do I do to get onto the map?

    Pol at 11:42 pm
  65. Hi Chad,

    looks and sounds very helpful techniques and tools. When I´m ready to go I will definitely use this. As I told you before I find your way of thinking amazing. Upon that – just sharing these things like you do just tells me that your awesome soul not just is awesome. It´s also the soul of a good person. Always looking forward to look into your mails,

    Have a very nice day,


    Jesper Lassen at 3:29 am
  66. Hi Chad, That’s an awesome idea.
    I will install and try the program immidiateley
    Thanks for sharing your smartness with us:).


    Ched Abboud at 5:40 am
  67. Thanks for the SW & Video. This is fascinating. Will definitely try it out and provide you the details. I also like the question that Joe ask about other Google applications (video, images, news, etc.)

    Vincent D at 6:16 am
  68. You have shared a gr8 Technique.

    Thank you a Million Times…

    Yogesh at 7:01 am
  69. keep the good stuff coming chad!

    john at 8:20 am
  70. As usual, Chad, well done! Love the info. I do have a question: If we want to put it into other cities on Google maps, does that mean we have to keep signing up on the link provided for add listings with different addresses? How do we get our business across the United States Google map?

    Susan at 10:02 am
  71. Hey Chad,
    Like all your other fans, you got one here too : )

    I always look out for your emails in my inbox more than others.
    Your sincereness and the quality of your contents always seems to light another light bulb in my head (Didn’t know I had so many light bulbs in my head : ) ).

    Anyway, I hope your other fans feel the same as I and not abuse your generousity in giving back, “I will always Buy fron You”

    Let me know what is good out to buy from you, and I’ll be first in line! : )

    “Aatlas The World”

    Aatlas Dee Lapraed at 12:14 pm
  72. great software. I love trying out free products.

    santago at 12:59 pm
  73. Chad
    Really great video and thanx 4 the download.
    You rock

    Mike Mott at 2:56 pm
  74. Chad

    You just keep amazing me with the stuff you come up with.

    roland at 5:32 pm
  75. This is great information and I will test the software. It will fit in perfectly with my business. Thanks

    Steve Goforth at 10:05 am
  76. Thanks Chad for your kindness in sharing this software with us!

    Q) Do you have any ideas for how to use it with CPA offers?



    I’ll try to be on the webinar Thurs eve.

    Lin at 4:54 pm
  77. I subscribed to something of yours (I’d have to look) a while back with an address I rarely visit. Now I’m either going to forward all your email to my other one or see if your AR will switch for me.

    Sue at 4:53 am
  78. Awesome program. I am a chiropractor in philadelphia pa and the google map section is fiercely competitive. I was listed in there at one time but I am no loger listed in the ten spots that show.

    How can I get my site to the top of the google map section for the term philadelphia chiropractor.

    I appreciate any input.

    Thank you,

    mike at 7:06 am
  79. Did anybody else notice that the program in the video required a “captcha” entry? Why would the program need that?

    Nancy at 4:52 pm
  80. Chad,
    I was wondering how one would go about putting their busniess in multiple google maps? Do the people that do it just make up an address?

    Scott at 9:24 pm
  81. Chad

    Where can I find your Google Map Domination course?



    Brian at 11:13 pm
  82. Hi Chad,

    Wow, after your build up with your video, because I could not load the software has been driving me crazy not been able to get at it.

    I wish to tell you I am quite sane now, I have got it, and I know it will do me so much good.

    Thanks so much

    Ralph AKA noviorbis

    Ralph Morton at 11:00 am
  83. Thanks Chad, This Type of software could easily be sold for real cash.

    E.Umana at 11:25 am
  84. looks very good have downloaded it and will give it a go.


    terry at 11:29 am
  85. Hi Chad & Seth – Great videos and strategy using Google Maps 10 Box. I began testing by implementing the information from your videos and have already bumped a number of my competitors out of the top 10 listing for my geographic area. I have managed to get listed in three places in the top 10.

    I would like to know how to create a specific category for Google Maps if one doesn’t exist? In the setup of my business on Google Maps there was a category selection to choose from an existing Google Map 10 box category. The category that I want to target wasn’t listed so I went with the one that already existed. I also added four other categories but these added categeries don’t show up on Google Maps as seperate 10 Boxes. I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.

    Again thank you for the videos and software. I’m looking forward to the video training.

    Martin Kiely

    Martin at 5:23 pm
  86. Hi Chad

    Thanks for the link.

    Here’s hoping…!

    I use XP not Vista.

    Will let you know.


    Rob at 12:44 am
  87. hey cahd dowloades your software this morning. You might want to check your software because it was the only thing i downloaded this morning and right after that my google search statred screwing up. according to google their is malware that is doing this. I am on a brand new computer less than a week old. your software had problems the last 2 times i downloaded it . maybe you better strangle your programmer.

    ANSWER: Please click here for support on the software: (I think we can help you with this)

    bill at 4:47 pm
  88. Hey Guys!

    Thanks for your extreme generosity. I have been using this method for a few days now and, I too have bumped competitors out of the top 10. Much appreciated as that means big bucks!

    Photosmart Printers at 1:17 am
  89. Hello Chad,

    I’ve downloaded the software got it installed and anxiously tested it. Keyword: make money online. City: San Francisco- first pass : 10000 – second pass : 1000. It produced 2 results: money san francisco and san francisco money.

    I put Kuala Lumpur but no results found.

    acne care at 7:40 am
  90. 2 questions:
    Does this work also outside the US?
    Will your software identify keywords in languages other than English?

    Shmaya at 3:11 pm
  91. Chad & Seth,

    The 10-Box Software is amzing!

    The ideas you have in brains must keep you awake at night.

    When will your program be available?

    Thanks for such good information.


    Greg at 5:33 pm
  92. Thank you Chad for another content rich original strategies to checkmate our competitors This technique has never really been shown anywhere. Hope not as many people catch on to this gem of info to get free 1st page traffic through google maps. Keep the content coming Chad


    Youpele at 11:24 pm
  93. I have downloaded and watched the video, pretty straight forward and pretty cool! I will most certainly be using your tool for my niche products.

    Thank you a lot for this nifty software! You have saved me a lot of time here…


    Isabel at 3:38 pm
  94. Hey Chad,

    I love the video, and will get right into it. You are awesome.


    Mike Westergard at 9:16 am
  95. Hey Dude..
    you look pretty cool with the hair and all.. you sure you’re not from round these parts… Bali, Indonesia.. that beach sure looks familiar..

    Hey.. i think this software is gonna save my bacon.. my missus is always at me cuz theres no hooch in the kitty, and im all out of bullets for holding up another bank.. so i decided to get into web marketing..
    I gotta tell ya, bank robbing is easier.. and more fun.. but hey.. no bullets right..

    Thanks man.. have a great day.. and when in Bali.. you have my e mail.

    By and bliss to all.


    Gazza at 9:19 am
  96. This is the wave of the future. We have alot to learn here.

    But it bothers me that Local/Google Maps listings will be taken up by non-local companies. G. won’t let that last

    ANSWER: True, thats why I show you how to get a local business presence in many different places so your listing will last forever. ~chad

    Leo Vidal, JD, MA, CPA at 1:51 pm
  97. Hi Chad,

    This is great! It sure should help many of us who are small fry!

    Thanks again!


    Srinath at 11:31 am
  98. Great video Chad and a fantastic programme! Have downloaded.

    All the best,


    Stuart. at 2:24 pm
  99. Hi Chad,
    I figured out how to get my website on first page Google Maps before I found your website but have learned so much more from you. I purchased your course but would like to promote your products. Do you have an affiliate link?

    Thanks for all the great info.

    Deon (Cambridge UK)

    Deon at 1:20 am
  100. Hi Chad – I find the use of Google Maps intriguing – got your email in my inbox and had you agve me a real ‘lightbulb flash’! I love Google’s service and can start to see how you could use this GoogleMaps myself for traffic – it is separate I think from Google Analytics but also an element you can add in to track where website or blog visitors are coming from.

    Mike Larter at 10:39 am
  101. Terrific video and this product should save a lot of time to find good keywords.
    Thank you for the information.

    normz2 at 1:13 pm
  102. Hi Chad
    I live in London and tried out your FREE software. Within 10 hours I was in a “Single Box” – just me, front page, just below the paid ads, and above all the organic (seo types)..amazing, phenominal. I will purhase Option 2 by the end of the month to make sure I keep my advantage and dominate my niche. Further, with the FREE version, can I go ahead and do the same for my other 7 niches with the same contact details…worried that google will note all business from same address. Cheers mate….Keep up the outstanding work.

    ANSWER: Roace, that is awesome! Thats what this is all about. Also, in the course we show you how to do it with different contact details for the same business, if you’re targeting multiple niches or multiple keywords.

    Roace Cooper at 3:02 am
  103. Hi Chad
    If you want to verify my postion, just type in – elite weight loss london – in google. Again, Cheers

    Roace Cooper at 3:18 am
  104. Chad,

    This is incredible. I’m currently using a Free tool for generating traffic
    through google, your Free software will be like icing on the cake.

    This is a must have, for all internet/affiliate marketers and business owners.

    Ron Feaster at 8:37 am
  105. Cool idea, do you know if it is possible for outside the USA ?

    ANSWER: yes, the techniques work the same outside the U.S. ~chad

    Frank at 11:13 am
  106. Sorry a second question, what if the 1st ten position are already occupied. Is it possible to rank better ?

    ANSWER: the first 10 are occupied by you in the 10 box? If so, email me I want to learn something from you :) ~chad

    Frank at 11:16 am
  107. What a business opportunity! Local businesses to start – with the goal of getting them on the first pages of surrounding towns, regions or states.

    In order to build a portfolio of successes, it would be smart to offer the first few businesses or medical/dental practices a “pay after you see the listing” contract. I’m not sure what a fair charge is per map/keyword, but $50 per map seems right.

    I would love to read how people are using the software and the video course to get started. I have whipped up some nice sites for some businesses and set up Google Adword accounts, but this seems more “magical” (think about it).

    In order to keep a listing, is there maintenance? That could generate maintenance revenues or subscriptions.

    One of the latter postings (I think you misread the intention) was if you are on the “more” section, how do you climb your way into the top ten?
    This obviously kicks someone out of the top ten. Without your strategies, has the listings been fairly static?

    I’ll buy the course before the end of the month. I just bought the domain names:, (someone bought the two without the dashes in July, but hasn’t done anything with them), and
    There are plenty of variations left.

    Chad, are you doing this as a service?

    Art Derfall
    Billerica, MA

    Art Derfall at 11:14 pm
  108. Thank you very much.

    I have just downloaded the program.

    Take care

    Ernestine Manowarda

    Ernestine at 8:36 am
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    This sounds great. I just downloaded your software and can’t wait to use it.
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    I have a business offline that I listed on Google Maps for my area.

    All of my clients have come from being listed online. I am not able to take any others right now. Business is doing very well. However I never thought of doing it for my online marketing biz.

    Very interested in seeing how this works. Thanks so much.

    Kathryn Maclean at 6:09 am
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    Noo Yawka at 7:42 am
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    mike at 8:51 am
  117. OK, I watched the videos, downloaded the software and located a juicy list of keywords that trigger google maps. Now, if I don’t actually have a genuine phone number or address in that city, how can I get a listing without verifying the address or phone number with google?

    ANSWER: The course shows how to get multiple addresses in any city for free: ~chad

    Jeff at 9:29 am
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    doug at 11:39 am
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    John Anderson at 12:41 pm
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    I just downloaded this software and I am going to use it
    with one of my affiliate sites!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

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    Keep it up

    Nicolene at 12:20 pm
  134. Hi Chad,
    Thanks for the software and the video report. It was a very interesting report and I look forward to trying out the software. Thanks again for sharing.

    John Bandy at 4:19 pm
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    You have my eternal thanks


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    May can you help me, regarding the website and relative matters for the affiliate.

    Your early reply is highly appreciated and thanking in advance.

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    Please send me more details of how to
    get on 1st page of Google.



    jim at 6:14 am
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    Adam at 7:04 am
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    Mike at 8:59 am
  140. Hi Chad.. I see many references to more videos coming soon.. well I for one cant wait.. I would love to hear from anyone who has bought this, and can they advise how many keywords and locations you can enter per day.. like 8 hr day that is.. I would like to promote several niches across usa, can someone tell me if it will take ages or is this pretty well automated.

    Oh and Ron Feaster above says “I’m currently using a Free tool for generating traffic through google.. ” Wanna share Ron.. where do we get it?


    Gary at 9:19 am
  141. Hey Chad,

    Cool software program which leaves us wanting (needing) to travel further down the rabbit hole. I guess this is where Google Maps Cash comes in, right? ;^)

    – Jeff

    Jeff at 3:04 pm
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    Great work, Chad



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  147. Awesome! What a Genuis idea!!!

    Thanks Chad!!!!


    Mona at 10:08 am
  148. Chad/Seth,

    I might have gotten a little too aggressive w/ the tags, because my listing got “flagged” and even though I scaled back on the custom tags, the flagged status remained.

    Question: Since I deleted the listing. Will it take an act of Congress to get a v2. listing set up, since Google is infamous for setting and coding my cookies?



    Neil at 5:26 pm
  149. Chad
    Thank you!
    Your information has helped me tremendously in builidng
    my Affiliate Site. My business is exploding .
    Thanks once again.

    Cindy at 9:39 pm
  150. I was going to give up until I saw this!

    rudy at 12:22 pm
  151. Looks interesting… I’m eager to see how well this works… I have a few clients that would benefit greatly from this… I’ve also had success getting better search engine results with brand new websites by just listing the company on Google Maps also… One client actually got on the first page within 48 hours! Google Maps should not be overlooked.

    Thanx for the freebie!

    Linda at 2:42 pm
  152. Hey Chris,

    What a life saver – if it really does what it is set out to be. It would suck the frustration of web placement out …

    Thanks …

    Manane at 3:01 pm
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    Heavyequipment at 8:32 am
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    do you have a strategy?

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    I run a small offline Dating Agency in Ireland and as business has really bombed since the recession I’m hoping that I’ll get a few more people joining by using your very clever software. Many thanks for offering it free.


    Rachel at 11:10 am
  177. Sounds exceptionally interesting and if it actually works as stated in your introductory video, then I will be a ‘happy camper’.

    Susanne at 12:20 pm
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    Hey thanks so much for the tips and software. This will be a big help for me. It sure is kind of you to share with me and others. I wish you the very best and God Bless!

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    Daniel Gosling at 5:15 pm
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    Sharon Russell at 2:03 pm
  190. Hello Chad, Wow!, I have been studying SEO, for quite some time and have not even thought or new about this method, or should i say i have not payed a whole lot of attention to google maps, Way to go Chad!. Also this looks very powerfull for my buget. Just curious Chad, would this be considered a (BlackHat) method to GOOGLE and get you BANNED possibly from Google for life by SPAMMING GOOGLE MAPS?

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    I now read all emails I recieve from you, as obviously you know what you’re doing!!
    I ran a test with a friends business. It did take 3 weeks to get into the 10 box but now his business is number 5 or E for several keywords.
    I am now planning on providing this service for local businesses.
    Thanks again!

    Sarah at 5:11 pm
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    ABDULWAHAB AGDOURA at 10:25 am
  196. One more tool in my utility belt. I’ll give it a try on a few clients and report back. I have a Mac, but utilize Parallels to emulate windows.

    I highly recommend this for the Mac people out there…

    Jerry D.

    Jerry at 5:24 pm
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    Nermin Hadzimesic at 4:36 am
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    Thanks for the free download mate.

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  201. […] Yesterday a friend showed me a free tool that saves you a lot of time setting up your listing in Google’s Local Business Center.

    Free Google Maps Tool is a Time Saver! at 11:09 am
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    Thanks so much for the software. I just downloaded it. I’m excited about the possibilities!

    Billy McKee

    Billy McKee at 7:08 am
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    Candace at 10:44 am
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    Let me know?
    Richard Porter

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    Mark .D.

    mark at 10:47 pm
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    Kari Saarinen at 10:39 am
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    Mate, I would like to send for the system you are offering.I would like the option for US$247.00, ,I was going to buy option 2, but here in Australia our broadband is approx 100 times SLOWER than yours!! So as to download 20-30 videos would take far too long to do.Now, I am assuming that the actual program itself to set this up is not 30 videos long,right? In your opinion does one really need to buy option one or would your other offering suffice? Anyway I am by nature a cautious person as have been ripped off by shonky net peddlers before as I am sure many of your customers have also been bitten! Anyways , I shall try your system and see how we go.thanks Mark…………………….

    mark at 1:39 am
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    I have used your method and software with great success. Great share!

    Hope you are enjoying the mountains. Love the outdoors and so not get to spend enough out in it.


    Terry Jett at 11:33 am
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    I appreciate the info…. What happened to the info you were going to give us on staying at houses for free? I’m still waiting for that email…. lol.

    Elena at 11:56 am
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    I appreciate the info…. But I thought you were going to show us how to stay at any house in the US for free? I’ve been checking my email for that one….. Hope you’re still sending it.
    Thank you for all the great content and videos!

    Elena at 10:29 am
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    Just used your software, it pretty much worked immediately within a few hours!!!!! I’ve checked the keywords within a few hours and I’m on the 10 box list 3 of 4 keyword. Is that fast!!!!

    Save so much time.

    Again, Thank you very much.

    Ja at 8:00 am
  219. Hi
    The video is very clearly explained how to prepare for a keyword list, keyword tool and added the cities into the keyword list.

    similarly, for the same keyword, you have demonstrated how to plug the keywords into the software, and how to specify the cities. then choose the search volume threshold to generate the keyword with the city attached to it.
    It took only a matter of 22 seconds
    Great tool


    Frederick at 12:53 am
  220. Hi Chad,

    Nice job, thanks for sharing this stuff.
    Everyone should start finding new niches with this idea right away.

    Time is a valuable asset, great tool,
    Csaba from Hungary

    Öntözörendszer at 2:12 pm
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    Andrea at 6:29 pm
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    Free Giveaways at 7:16 am
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    Jim at 9:47 pm
  224. I been doing a lot of research the last couple of weeks concerning placement in google maps. I’ve watched all of your “free” videos of how the basics work to get placed in the 10-box and it looks intruiging. Before I invest into your course, I plan on trying out the free steps you explain first to see if I can get listed for my wife’s website and business. If I have the success that you discusses, I plan on buying the course to learn the advanced tips.

    Dave at 10:15 am
  225. Interesting piece of software.

    Will start today and report back.

    Gerry at 4:52 am
  226. Hey Chad do you have a forum for course members to share ideas and techniques? That would be awesome! Bless 😉

    Monstar Marketer at 11:21 pm
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    Thanks a bunch

    Nellie at 6:49 am
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    David Freid at 10:59 am
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  233. Thanks for providing these free resources in the nick of time. I am happy to be part of your mailing list now…
    I will apply them and post my comment

    Junaid at 8:07 am
  234. First off, thank you. Can’t wait to test it out. In the past google maps has brought great traffic to my sites but limited. Only 70% of my projects got listed. Hopefully this tool will get me to 90% or more 😉

    Kevin Fahey at 2:41 am
  235. Very Nice tool for g-maps chaddo

    JON at 9:34 am
  236. Many thanks Chad. Downloading your software now and I will be back to look at your courses and all the other advice you have given so generously! Glad I found you via Mario Brown and Warrior Forum. Between the two of you, we will get our family businesses in the top ten at last.

    EveW at 12:00 pm
  237. very cool, lets see how well it’ll work.

    pearl at 10:59 pm
  238. Thanks for letting me know about this software. Hopefully this will have some impact on traffic.

    Will Tanner at 7:54 am
  239. Hi Chad ,
    I don’t know anything about Google Maps and I will need some time to digest this information and see how I can benefit from this in my marketing. I will surely give your full Google Maps Marketing course consideration .Thanks again, your ever fresh and new information keeps astonishing me and sometimes I wished I could read your mind. LEC

    Wim at 9:44 am
  240. The course is great… love it. it does really help in finding citation stat count.

    rjohnsonphx at 1:05 am

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