1st Video of My Multilocation Course, Free

March 10th, 2016 - No Responses

Multilocation course, half off until Sunday:

Multilocation course, half off until Sunday:

IMPORTANT: First 10 purchasers get all my scripts/templates that I used with pitchbox to get the results you see in the video!

Donald Trump Uses My Link Network Techniques?

February 17th, 2016 - No Responses

OK OK I know, those who have received my link network training will say that this isn’t exactly the same thing that I teach, but it is very close!

Watch the video to see how Donald Trump has become the biggest online troll ever…

Now, my link network training is not about becoming a troll, but it is about taking advantage of opportunities like Donald Trump saw.

My training allows you to build a network for yourself so you control your own high powered backlinks.

You point these network links to any site you want, to rank when you want.

Details here: http://chaddo.com/linknetwork

Three of my most favorite Phone Call Generator Testimonials:

February 9th, 2016 - No Responses

These are folks who have used this:


I love these types of stories:

Raja was telling me how when he first tried the system, it “scared” him because of how fast it worked. You really need to be ready to talk to some new customers when you push go on this thing!! If you are procrastinating on getting new clients, this will really kick you into gear.


Here’s another email I received about it.


And lastly, I found this youtube comment on one of my youtube videos about the call generator


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