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Imagine if your traffic report looked like the screenshot above?

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You know you need more traffic to your site. You don't know how to get it, but its not your fault:

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Good news, you are about to end your struggle to get google traffic. Inside my SEO Cash Club members area, the answer is waiting for you.

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The screenshot at the top of this page is from just ONE my websites. I could show you many screenshots like this.

Not only that, the screenshot above is just ONE of the many search engine techniques I will teach you. And I test new techniques constantly.

Until now, I rarely shared my weekly tests with outsiders. But now, you will get an insiders view on my business.

Once you apply my advanced search engine techniques, your money worries will go away forever. You will have all the traffic you need.

Some of the tactics you'll learn to profit from are blackhat, some are whitehat, or somewhere in between. But most of them are not being publicly discussed elsewhere.

You will most likely only get this information by being a member of my SEO Cash Club. Those in the SEO community using these techniques are very tight lipped (including me).

Last time I taught this stuff, you should have seen the experienced blackhatters desperately messaging each other on a major blackhat forum. They were going crazy trying to figure out how to pirate the recordings of my live sessions before they ended. My trainings usually create a huge upsurge in blackhat community.

But you will quietly get access to my secret vault of SEO tactics, while outsiders are frantically trying to figure out how you and I are generating massive profits.


You Will No Longer Feel Alone
In Your Business

You've logged many hours, alone at your computer screen, working on your online business. You've stayed up late pounding your keyboad. You've wondered if any of this will ever work.

And what have you done when you had a question? Who have you had to ask? It is difficult being an online entrepreneur because of the aloneness we all feel.



You Can Ask Anything In My
Weekly Question/Answer Sessions

Inside my SEO Cash Club you will profit from weekly, live, Q and A sessions where you can ask any question about your online business. We will coach you, step by step, IN PERSON.

Others have paid up to $400 for a ONE TIME chat session with us in the past! At a fraction of the cost you will get weekly access to us personally!


Get 24-7 Access to Seth and Chad
In Our Private Forum

When we aren't hosting a live help session, we will be monitoring a private forum, answering all your questions. We even send screenshots and short videos answering your questions in detail.

Thats right, behind the closed doors of my SEO Cash Club is a private members forum where you can ask me any question and get an answer directly, usually within 24 hours or less.

In this private forum you can also network with like-minded entrepreneurs, discuss the advanced strategies we teach, and even learn secret strategies from other members to make a pile of cash.

Successful, rich entrepreneurs are reluctant to give away their secrets on public forums. But since this is an exclusive group, you'll be amazed at the cutting edge secrets you'll learn from them.


Watch Your Daily Income Increase
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On top of the personal direction you will receive, you will watch your income increase from the training already waiting for you in the members area:

Here are some folks who have followed my search engine advice in the past:


We "Dominate" the First Two Pages Of Search Results for 7 Keyword Phrases!

I’ve been using your system now for a couple of months.

Since then, we have managed to take over- “Dominate” the first two pages of the natural search results for 7 different keyword phrases locally. Imagine not having a competing company show up for two pages.

You and your brother have literally changed my life with this program. I am now a stay at home father of two teenage boys and have left the company I have worked for the last 15 years to pursue my new found love and career helping local business owners build there businesses.

One of the best parts is the feeling of appreciation from the owners who I am servicing, they real love it!

I can’t find the words to express my gratitude enough to you both, Thank You!

To Your Success!
B. Bellamy

Listed In Three Places
In The Top Ten!

Hi Chad & Seth - Great videos and strategy. I began testing by implementing the information from your videos and have already bumped a number of my competitors out of the top 10 listing for my geographic area. I have managed to get listed in three places in the top 10.

Again thank you for the videos and software.

Martin Kiely
Hypnosis Centre
No. 1 Windsor Place,
St. Luke's Cross,
Cork ,Ireland
Tel: 353 21 4870870

Here Are The Training Modules
In Your Members Area:


Adsense Section:
The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

If you don't have any adsense income coming in, you're missing out on one of the easiest, simplest ways to make money online. You don't need a product, affiliate program, and you don't even have to convince anyone to buy anything in order to make money.

You're probably thinking it sounds too good to be true, but adsense is really that easy.

From one of my adsense students from the past few months:

With Adsense!

The coaching is what made the difference…

Hey Chad

I've had days with 1500 views and made $65 that day, and days like yesterday where I had 594 views and made $24.45.

My CTR is excellent. Yesterday was 44%. CPC was .09.

The coaching I had with you and Seth is what made the difference for me to stay with this niche because of your faith that it would produce! I love all the products I've purchased from you. Easy to use, cutting edge 'out-of-the-box' thinking backed by extensive testing you've done prior to releasing it to us.

Beth Gabriel
Rochester MN

Backlinks Section:

Learn How I Get
Massive Numbers of Backlinks,
Safely and Quickly
Even PR 4, PR 5, and PR 6 Links!

Here are some of the incredible search engine feats you'll learn to accomplish inside my members area:

Email Secrets Section:

Learn How to Make $50,000
from One Autoresponder Series

(I've Done This Multiple Times)

I have built my business on email marketing. More than anything else, this has paid for month long vacations (or longer), $25,000 purchases, house repairs (ugh!), and generally financed my Internet Marketing Lifestyle. Most people aren't as interested in this but if you pay attention to the secrets in this section it will change your life.

I'm curently selling a course containing the content in this section for $1997! This is the secret weapon of every major Internet Marketer I know. Without knowing how to market to email lists and build big lists, you are leaving tons of money on the table:

SEO Tools Section:

Here I Share
Some of My Most Guarded
Custom Software Tools

We Will Also Be Building New
BlackHat Bots to Automate
Tasks for You, Just Put In a Request!

Are Belong to Us

Google Images Traffic Section:

How To Grab Your Share
That Flow Through Google's Image Search
Every Month

Ever wondered how to get floods of traffic from google images whenever you want?

After you become a member of my SEO cash club, you'll be profiting from floods of google image traffic in no time. No one else is talking about this publicly.

You will learn:


Here are some samples of google images rankings
we've attained in a wide variety of niches:



Black Hat Section:

These "Dark Side" Techniques
Work So Fast and So Easily
It Will Make Your Head Spin

You may remember my live Black Hat course. Even experienced blackhatters were scrambling to get it. Although I can't release that whole course to you, I've decided to release some key sections of this blackhat course to my SEO Cash Club members.

These recordings are not available for sale anywhere else, and I will NOT be selling this course ever again. As a monthly club member you could be watching these videos right NOW. Not only that, but you can ask any question about them on the forum and we'll be answering questions, even if you're a total newbie at this.

Here are some samples I took from folks using just ONE of my techniques (names/sites hidden for obvious reasons). Imagine getting these types of results for your own websites that you've been struggling with for months!

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Here Are Some Results
From Customers Who Used
My BlackHat Techniques In the Past:

(I had to paste a bunch of screenshots together so you
could see all the months in one view..)



Click Here to Access
Chad's Monthly SEO Cash Club


(this is not the same gary as the other one. LOL)



Click Here to Access
Chad's Monthly SEO Cash Club

Spent a Week Putting
Course Into Practice,

Now Making $1,000 a
month off one little site

You shouldn't buy this unless you are ready for a stampede of traffic. I know that sounds like a come-on but I am just giving you fair warning from my experience.

I have bought several products on traffic generation but they took a lot of work and brought little results.

I had a product that was making me a little money off of what little traffic I could get since it was a competitive product. (I'm talking around $75 a month)

Although I haven't had much success with internet marketing before, I purchased the course and followed the instructions.

It is not a magic wand to success, there is some work involved but this is the closest thing to winning the lottery that I have ever experienced.

I used the product I had experience with and spent a week putting the course into practice and waited. After a month or so I was surprised to find out I was making around $1,000 a month off that one little site.

You can get to the top of page 1 in Google for a lot of keywords (but not all) with this product in a short amount of time. But you do have to put in some work. If you are looking for a magic wand, this is not for you.

I am working on expanding this to many more sites and I am forever grateful to Chad Kimball for creating this course.

T. Lorenzo

Click Here to Access
Chad's Monthly SEO Cash Club

Was Able To Generate
Several Thousand Dollars

It took a little time for me to get it running (I'm not very good with technology) but it got me on Page 1 of Google for several accounts. The best one was for a local retailer who had three stores in my home town. The owner was quite happy with what he said was a threefold influx of traffic in his stores and credited many sales to the incremental traffic. The account is an affiliate of mine that has 200 stores and an online store.

I've also tried it for another affiliate and was able to generate several thousand dollars so far in a grey hat situation.

Bottom line--it's working for me and I've made money on it and will continue to work it


Click Here to Access
Chad's Monthly SEO Cash Club

Over $2,400!

I have a ton of previous experience and the techniques that Chad gives can and do work. It is a bit overwhelming in that there is a lot of information and you could get a bit confused about where to start. My suggestion is give it time. (implement one technique a month until you master it) If it is used regularly can 100% improve your business.

Just one affiliate site I own went from an average of $1,200 per month to over $2,400. The key here is product. So don't judge on $, judge on traffic. You must implement the entire program and that can be exhausting if you are not up to it. But being someone who is highly involved in internet marketing and approaches it as a business (not a pastime or hobby) You get out of it what you put in and I would bet most people are passive and want instant results.

Some results are quick and some you have to work on depending on your niche. It works!

- Jstdrumn

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My Site Is #1
In 3 Very Competitive Categories!

This program is outstanding

My site is #1 in three very competitive categories. The site I used was brand new so it took a couple of weeks for it to move through the rankings but everything you recommend really works. Thanks!

- Tom O'Reilly

Position #2 in 2 Days!

Yesterday my roommate graduated from a restaurant course. While he was taking his exams, I used your system to find the key words with 1, 3, or 10 boxes, created the website, google account, etc etc, videos, pictures, the naming rules, on and on. TO THE LETTER.

I have a screen shot of posting it to the BizCenter yesterday (12/18) and a screen shot of the maps placement – POSITION #2 out of 2 TODAY (12/19)!

I’m not brave enought to give away the simple search phrase cuz I don’t want to kill roomies opportunities here, but lets just say in Washington DC, to get that placement is nothing short of brilliance – and without paying the fist advertising dollar!

It works and I’m happy to tell anyone that in person. Your info ROCKS.

- Lance Orndorff

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Income Explosion
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Income Explosion

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How to Transform
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Stop Being Paralyzed by Fear
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Transform Your Fears Into Success

The Google LSI Handbook
Learn how to play the Google game
And how you can improve your keyword indexing
Google LSI Handbook





Here's what you'll receive
when you login to the
SEO Cash Club members area:


Weekly Live Question and Answer Sessions with Chad and/or Seth:

Value $400 per Q and A x 4 = $1600

(Others have paid $400 for personal access like this)


Personal Website Video Critique: Chad and/or Seth will create a video about your website, letting you know the exact steps we would take to increase your profits and traffic.

These tips could be the turning point for your online business. (Only the first 20 to request the critique in the members area will receive this.)
Value $400 


Private access to our members forum:
We'll be monitoring this forum on a daily basis, answering questions, creating videos to answer questions, and personally helping you in your online business.

You will also learn from other online entrepreneurs who are answering questions, posting their tips, and networking.
Value $297


Access to our privately created SEO software:

We will have "deep web" content mining software, High PR backlink generator software, custom blackhat bots, and much more, all available for download in the members area.
Value $497


Access to the following training modules:

Adsense Section:
The easiest way to make money online! Step by step guidance to setup your own autopilot adsense business.

Backlinks Section:

Learn how to get massive numbers of backlinks quickly and safely.
Even PR 4, PR 5, and PR 6 Links!

Email Secrets Section:

Learn how to make $50,000
from one autoresponder series, and much more... (I've Done This Multiple Times)

Google Images Traffic Section:

How to grab your share of the one billion clicks flowing through Google's Image search every month. We've cracked the google image code!

Black Hat Section:

These "Dark Side" techniques work so fast and so easily it will make your head spin. Black Hat SEO is truly the "magic button" of Internet marketing.


Value $1297.95 

Total value of over $4091.95/Month



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I'm absolutely confident that once you are a member of my SEO Cash Club you'll readily agree the techniques I teach will make you far more cash than the measly price tag.

And that's why I'm willing to let you get a full refund at any time, for 30 days after you join. This will allow you to see if these techniques are really for you, RISK FREE. This way, you can see for yourself how effective these strategies really are.

I repeat, if you're not absolutely in love with this SEO Cash Club membership, simply send me an email anytime during the first 30 days I will Refund you entirely.

Ask anyone who has tried to get a refund from me in the past, I give refunds for ANY REASON!!


In fact, here is a screenshot of someone who asked for a refund. They had bought one of my products and needed the money back for an emergency. I refunded them right away. You can see we even apologized that it took 6 days for the refund becauses that is much longer than we usually take to get you your money back:

Someone who needed a refund because of a personal cash emergency:

So, as you see, there is really no risk for you, just try out my SEO Cash Club.
If you don't like it, no biggie, just email me we'll get you refunded asap!

Click Here to Access
Chad's Monthly SEO Cash Club



P.S. This is a 12 month program but you can cancel at any time. After 12months, we will evaluate, along with our members, if everyone wants to continue the program. Jump in now while I spill my guts about my SEO techniques for12 months straight! I might not do this again!