9-to-5 Wage Earners Decrease Your Work Week

(and make your boss love you for it)

6 replies on “9-to-5 Wage Earners Decrease Your Work Week”

Good tips, eye-opening in many ways. Makes a lot of sense to out-source yoour life. it does make you think of ways you can improve productivity and buy back your time.

As always, very valuable information that I highly appreciate! Thank you


Refreshing as always. Chad, you certainly think outside the Box!

Thank you so much Chad for sharing those awesome videos with us. I thank GOD for you TWO. (YOU AND YOUR BROTHER)

Great information as always. I love how you think of ways to spend time with your family.


You never disappoint with outside the box thinking!! This is high level thinking that we should all use for our life and business.

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