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61 replies on “New Google Maps Free Software”

very sweet deal, you are going to be a star welcome to 2012, what a nice treat.thanks so much.

Thanks chad i am looking to start off with pay per call offers this videos is really helpfull to me.

great software… and the best thing is that it is free. You can use it to analyze your competitors or your customers competitors. Thanks 1000x times.

thanks for share this information. nice video to learn how to get rang in google.

Great piece of software, for ‘home users; it works great.
Completely changed the way I work Google Places.

Great peace of software helping me achive places ranking for my client .. thanks for the software

thanks for share this information. nice video to learn how to get rang in google


hello sir, i load up your software but idon’t try it , because i don’t have web site now, in future i make website , so , the video show me it nice this software.


Tried to sign up but got error message saying maximum contacts reached.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: try it now, should work, sorry about that!

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