£3000 to £6000 Per Week ($9009.84 USD) with a miniscule budget

Got another awesome story last week:

It is from someone who has been a long
time customer of mine.

(he’s a member here: http://chaddo.com/members/letter.php)

I’ll copy paste the email:

£3000 to £6000 Per Week
Miniscule Budget
Working From Home


I am competing with some of the largest “International Major league”
medical corporations with massive budgets for internet marketing,
and managing to stay ahead of most of them in terms of
generic search results for some of the main “buying key phrases” for this niche.

I am pleased to say that your training over the years
has enabled me to maintain this positioning with a
“miniscule” budget and entirely from my own efforts
working from home. The most useful and most often
used for SEO is the Youtube techniques and
google maps/places methods for SEO you teach.

(CHAD’S EDIT: Here is where to learn what he’s talking about:

I still follow everything which you do and
still use many the techniques and methods
you have taught me over the years,
for which I am extremely grateful.

The Niche is highly competitive but a
very limited market with regards to potential sales volume

On average I actually convert 2 Sales per week
which may seem a tiny amount, but consider all the
above obstacles, and that we are selling products at
approx. £3000 to £6000 each I consider this to be acceptable.

As I said, my sites are not “beautiful” but they do their job.

Geoff Lord
Middleton, Manchester M24 4EL UK
Nokomis, Florida, 34275


You know I have to say this, BUT your results may vary from Geoff’s,
I can’t guarantee you’ll make money with my training.

but I’ll do everything I can to help you succeed like Geoff,
just jump in here: http://chaddo.com/members/letter.php

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